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Inspired Nutrition Dropping a Marshmallow Flavored Preworkout for Black Friday

Inspired Nutrition Dropping a Marshmallow Flavored Preworkout for Black Friday

Inspired DVST8 Marshmallow Preworkout

Inspired Nutraceuticals is a brand we started carrying within the past year and their DVST8 Preworkout quickly became a hit among our customers most of whom consider it to be a very "strong" preworkout despite not having any DMHA. While DVST8 lacks DMHA it does contain 350mg of Caffeine along with 150mg of Eria Jarensis for a big mood boost and additional motivation, and while it lacks DMHA it does have a number of stimulants including the caffeine, eria jarensis and hordenine as well as two forms of yohimbine.

We've just learned that Inspired will be rolling out a unique Marshmallow flavored preworkout just in time for Black Friday. Now being an Australian brand certain products tend to drop in Australia ahead of the US Market. DVST8 is also somewhat confusing in that it comes in a couple different varieties like a DVST8 BBD, a Global Version and a regular version so it's not clear if the Marshmallow flavored DVST8 will be hitting the US Market on Black Friday, though we wouldn't be surprised to see it coming to the states eventually. 

It's somewhat surprising there aren't more Marshmallow flavored supplements, the only ones that come to mind are Rockstars former Marshmallow Energy Drink and the new RYSE Jet Puffed Marshmallow protein which is a limited edition flavor. Whenever Marshmallow flavored energy drinks or supplements come out they seem to be incredibly well received and popular, however we don't see them often and they don't seem to stick around when they do roll out so we're hoping this Marshmallow flavored DVST8 hits the US Market soon and stays around as we're anxious to try it out! 

Inspired Nutra DVST8 Of The Union 40 Servings


Inspired Nutra DVST8 Of The Union 40 Servings Inspired Nutraceuticals DVST8 of the Union Pre-Workout is a powerful and unique pre-workout formula that provides the perfect amount of stims, focus, euphoria and pumps. They've also added beta alanine and creatine for improved muscle endurance. Inspired DVST8 Pre-Workout Product Highlights & Benefits Reliable & Well Dosed Ingredients for Energy, Focus, and Pumps Energy So Intense You'll Be Doin Extra Sets Eria Jarensis for a Mood Boost Intense Mind/ ...

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