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Man Sports Pump Powder


I don't know about you, but I really beginning to love MAN Sports. They seem to be releasing new product after new product and they are only getting stronger, better tasting and more effective each time!

NooPump was a product they released early last year, though never totally took off. I personally loved the product, but I am just not sure if people are ready for mind-focusing products that also promise pump. Working in this industry, one thing that people want over and over again is the pump...and enter MAN Sports Pump Powder!

What is Pump Powder?

Well this product is the new pre-workout non stimulant pump powder that will be taking the place of NooPump. The whole basis on the powder is to give you the best pumps you have ever gotten from a pre-workout supplement that was also non-stimulant. Right now the first available flavor is "Sour Batch", which tastes amazing, based up Iso-Amino with the same flavor.

I can't give all the details about the ingredients yet, but I can tell you they will be all pump based and it won't be a proprietary blend.

I was sent a bottle to test out and will give you my full review here when I try taking it a few different ways:

  • Taking it alone and only 1 scoop
  • Taking it alone and only 2 scoops
  • Stacking it with MAN Sports Game Day (2 scoops)

Come back in about 1-2 weeks and I will be giving everyone my full review of the product!

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