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Introducing, Relaxitrol 

Metabolic Nutrition is a brand that always creates high quality products, a brand you can really trust. Metabolic Nutrition is releasing a new product called Relaxitrol, a relaxation & sleep catalyst that will have you feeling well-rested & refreshed every morning. While we don’t know all the details about this new product, we have a few details to give you the basic facts until more information is released.

Benefits of Relaxitrol

Relaxitrol is designed to reduce anxiety and tension during times of high stress in your life. This supplement will promote deep sleep and also aid in the restoration of healthy sleep patterns. So if your sleep schedule is currently not ideal, Relaxitrol will help you get your schedule back to normal and in control! This formula is also said to optimize natural testosterone, thyroid, and HGH output. As always, Metabolic Nutrition’s new product is an all-natural formula. Relaxitrol is not an addictive medicine that you’ll develop dependence on, as this formula is designed to be non-habit forming.

When Will Relaxitrol be Available?

We don’t have an exact release date, but Relaxitrol will be released very soon! Keep an eye out for more updates by singing up for updates on new releases on Metabolic Nutrition’s website, and by following us on our social media pages for updates as well. Don’t miss out!

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