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MTS Machine Fuel New Flavor

Coming soon to Machine Fuel will be a new flavor.  The new flavor will be Blue Snow Cone.  Not sure exactly when it will be released, but it should be relatively soon.  The flavors already offered are Grape, Mixed Berry, and Watermelon.  Having Blue Snow Cone will be a nice addition to these flavors and it provides something unique.  Blue Snow Cone isn’t really a traditional flavor, so it brings you something new and interesting.  This new flavor should be offered in both the 30 and 95 serving size containers. 

MTS Machine Fuel was designed to help enhance recovery, reduce muscle breakdown, and enhance the pump.  This intraworkout BCAA supplement was formulated because recovery is a very crucial step when building lean muscle mass.  When you are looking to maximize your gains, you need to properly rest and make sure you are getting the essential nutrients your body needs.  So providing Machine Fuel to your training will help make sure your recovery process goes smoothly.

MTS Nutrition Machine Fuel 30 Servings

MTS Nutrition Machine Fuel 95 Servings  

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