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Muscletech Clear Muscle Review

Clear Muscle...this is the new supplement from Muscletech that has been the buzz in the industry over the past few months. Why you say? Because they claim over 16lbs of lean muscle mass in only 12 weeks. Now before you say anything about their claims...they actually have research to back it up!

The Research

We didn't believe it either, so Glenn from went into the actual research studies and the workout to see how these users were able to increase lean muscle mass by 16lbs in just 12 weeks.

Video on Clear Muscle

Video Transcription

Hello, everybody, this is Glenn with Best Price Nutrition. Today, I am going to give you an overview of the MuscleTech Clear Muscle. It's their new product on the market right now. It’s kind of all the rage right now so let’s kind of dive into it to see exactly what it is and what it’s supposed to do. There is 168 liquid capsules in here. Actually, the capsules, when you look at them, they are clear, and it’s a four week supply. Basically, you’re going to be taking 2 capsules, 3 times per day, so it’s a 28-day supply. Per 2 capsules, there is 1000mg or 1 gram of an ingredient called Betator, and what that is it’s a free acid form of HMD. A lot of times when you see HMD, it is bonded to calcium. This is just pure HMD, no calcium involved there. And, you got 1000mg per 2 capsule, you’re getting 3 grams per day.

Now, there is a research study and a research conducted by University of Tampa. We brought this ingredient to light, and which MuscleTech is now bringing out to you guys, and the use of 3 grams per day over a 12-week period of time. So, if you’re going to follow their protocol, you're going to need three bottles. So, there… you know, it's not cheap either. The bottles are going to run around $60 so that’s about $180 for the full cycle.

Now, let’s get into some of the results of the study just to give you an idea of what they say it does or kind of results you can expect. It was a 12-week study. There was a 16.3 lbs in lean body mass or MuscleTech does put it at 16.3 lbs of lean muscle but I will get into that second or after we talk about some things. And, that’s in the group that took the Clear Muscle or the Betator ingredient. And then, in the placebo group, it was 4.6 lbs and both of them use the 3 grams per day dosage. And also, on the three big lifts, squat, bench press and dead lift, they had a 170-pound increase. So, cumulatively, when you add up the increase, it equals to 170 lbs versus 55.8 lbs in the placebo. Placebo effect is like a sugar pill or something like that.

So, let’s kind of look into the workout that they had. Now, this is going to differ from most other supplements or research studies done. They had specific workouts, split into three phases. Weeks one through eight, okay, which is considered phase one; pretty standard workout, nothing crazy although you are doing the 3 main lifts, the squats, bench and dead lifts, doing them three times a week. So, it’s a Monday, Wednesday, Friday split; three sets of twelve, five sets of five, three sets of five. You know, give yourself time to rest in there, too.

So, next is the phase two which the overreaching phase. This is a phase that really tests your capabilities. So, you're actually squatting, benching, and dead lifting. Or, in place of squat, you leg press, in place of bench press, you doing military press, in place of dead lifting, you doing [inaudible 00:03:24]. So, you’re working out those muscles five times a week and that’s for two weeks, it’s Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. And, they’re really pushing with the three sets of eight, three sets of eight, three sets of twelve, three sets of twelve, and three sets of one. But, they’re really pushing in terms of very little rest and also, imagine trying to squat or even just work out your legs five days within a week. And, at the end of the week, you have a power lifting day on Friday. You’re doing your one rep max so you’re essentially maxing out. So, that’s for two weeks.

And then, the final two weeks is sort of a taper. You’re sort of coming back. There are some reps here, more velocity reps, speed reps, lower weight. So, that’s sort of the exercise program that they have and they want you to follow that as well. they do post it on their website. So, you could see that this is a very, very difficult workout, not something, you know, many people even go into in terms of overall value. I mean, how many people are actually squatting or benching five days a week. You know, maybe some people, new in to working out and that’s what they’re doing but they’re not going as heavy and they’re not also, you know, they’re not taking that one minute rest; in fact taking five minutes rest in between. So, it’s a pretty crazy workout routine.

So, what they found is that by following this workout routine, and by taking the Clear Muscle or the Betator, that these people achieve these results. So, just to give you some idea of the average here, average measurements for people to start was 187 lbs and at the end, it was 192 lbs. And, you’re probably asking, “Wait, that’s only around four or five pounds of weight gain. Well, they actually lost body fat, too. So, their body fat percentage went from 21% on average to 14%. That’s a 7% body fat loss. So, not only were they gaining muscle mass but they're also burning body fat at the same time. And then, you know, there’s some numbers in terms of their bench press, squat and dead lift, the way it’s going up.

Now, the none Clear Muscle group, by following just this workout, okay, not taking this supplement, they gain five pounds of muscle and lost four pounds of fat. So, they still, even within that group, achieve some great results. Now, when looking at the study, you know, I just thought, that’s pretty intense, it’s pretty crazy, I mean, for someone to be able to increase muscle mass so greatly and then, decrease their body fat so quickly within 12 weeks, it sounds like steroid-like, honestly. So, there's a lot of people who are out there saying, “Well, what's going on with this study?” But, the results are results. But, something to think about, too; when gaining body mass, and this is where I want to get at with the bottle, lean body mass doesn't mean just muscle. It can be muscle, water retention, and glycogen.

So, with a workout like this, you’re going to really saturate your muscles when you’re going through this workout program especially the overreaching period. So, you're going to hold on to some water and that's not to say it’s actually cellular water but most likely, a lot of it could be intracellular, think creatine. And also, you’re going to have some glycogen retention. You’re taking in carbs, your body wants to replenish those, you put yourself to a crazy workout. So, that’s something to think about as well. In the exact amount of what was muscle, what was glycogen, what was water, I don’t know; might be [inaudible 00:07:00], we’ll find it.

Now, what I want to say is in the bottle, someone could gain 16 lbs of lean muscle. There is a difference there. It is lean body mass and that’s what the study did say. So, there wasn’t like [inaudible 00:07:13] some water there. So, are you going to be able to take this bottle and gain 16 lbs of lean muscle, just pure muscle? No? So, the jury is kind of still on. It’s a brand new ingredient just on the market. It’s something that if you’re going to take, I would follow their workout program. They actually had people come in and they had guys workout at the University of Tampa. They have a huge workout facility there, you know, great athletes and things like that. And, the people who started, they were generally trained. You can look at some of the things. Their average bench press is like 248 lbs, squat is 317 settled for 375. So, it’s not just somebody they got from the street who hasn’t workout at all. So, they have some workout experience.

So again, jury’s still out on it. We don't know, I mean, it’s so new. Some people get out there and try it. If you're going to take it, I recommend you follow the workout program. You definitely want to go through with the whole 12 weeks because most of the results, when you look at the results of week 8 compared to week 12, most of the results come after that overreaching and taper period. So, if you’re really going to go, and [inaudible 00:08:21], and invest some money into it, go through the full 12 weeks and see what kind of benefits you’re going to get. So, yeah, that about covers it. I know there’s a lot of questions you’re probably having there. If you have anymore, you can post them in the comments section. If you like the video, you can give me a thumbs up. And then, you can also find us on facebook, Thank you.

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