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Two New Products from Metabolic Nutrition!

Here at Best Price Nutrition, we are always excited about new products coming out! We just got word about two new products coming from MetabolIc Nutrition. That's right, not one, but two new products for 2018. They are MetaTest and MyoGrow. While we don't know too much about them yet, we are getting bottles sent to us to test out! We should be able to provide more information about MetaTest and MyoGrow then.

This is what we do know about each from the bottles though:

Metabolic Nutrition Metatest



According to the bottle of Metabolic Nutrition MetaTest, it is a testosterone amplifier. It will help optimize testosterone production, maximize support for lean muscle and strength, enhance energy and boost your libido. Seems like a pretty solid product. We don't know about the ingredients yet, but as soon as the bottle comes in we will supply that information!

Metabolic Nutrition MyoGrow



With Myogrow, this is a natural anabolic supplement to help increase muscle growth and strength. It helps control cortisol which is awesome, and promotes better recovery and reduces inflammation. Looks like a solid muscle building aid. According to Metabolic Nutrition it is a Epicatechin + Laxogenin supplement.

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