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New AMPilean Pink for Women


AMPilean Pink is the latest innovation from LeCheek Nutrition. The product derives its name from AMP Citrate, a powerful stimulant found in weight loss and pre-workout supplements. The ingredient is found in the original version of AMPILEAN, but this time the formula is designed specifically for women. 

AMPilean Benefits

The only ingredient we know this product will contain is AMP Citrate, so we will outline the benefits of that specific ingredient.  AMP Citrate is known to improve mood, focus, and support weight loss.

Can AMPilean Pink Be Used by Men?

LeCheek Nutrition has yet to identify the ingredient profile, but caffeine, green tea extract, and Dendrobium (1% Alkaloids) were found in the previous incarnation. There is no indication that the product will have any impact on hormone levels, so it could be an option for men also. Just have to wait for more information to be revealed.

Will I be Able to Stack AMPilean Pink with Hottie?

No. LeCheek Nutrition Hottie is a stimulant-based pre-workout and weight loss supplement designed for women. The ingredient profile has not been released for AMPilean Pink, but it is safe to assume it will contain stimulants, so obviously you dont want to stack these products at the same time.

When is AMPilean Pink Coming Out?

Soon. No specific date has been released by LeCheek Nutrition, but we will definitely keep you posted.

Where Can I Buy it?

As soon as LeCheek Nutrition releases the formula it will be for sale on the Best Price Nutrition website.

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