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New ANS Dilate Powder Review

ANS Performance Dilate Powder


A couple weeks ago ANS Performance sent me a Beta-Test product #8114-A. I had no idea of the ingredients, but I did know that it was a pre-workout supplement with no stimulants. They at least gave me a beginning on how to use it. I have always loved ANS Ritual, so I was excited to try this product out when they sent it to me.

All I really knew was that I should take 1-2 scoops 15min to 30min before my workout. So it began.

What Did I Think?


Well the first thing I though when drinking it was the taste. It was amazing. The grape flavor was very-very grape. Like Jolly Rancher Grape. If you are a fan of that flavor, then you are going to love drinking this before your workout.


This was another thing I noticed. It wasn't the light powder you are used to. It's more of a Noxygen/Nitrate/Protein like texture. Makes the drink much more enjoyable. It's hard to explain, but you will see what I mean if you try it.


Now this was the main reason I was taking it. No stimulants, so I want a pump...and I got one. I purposely used it on arm day, as that is the day I want the meanest pump possible. I did dig right in and take two scoops, as I am used to taking the full recommendations on products like Hemavol and Noxygen. My arms were flarring that day. Veins popping. Now it could have been placebo, but I really did get a great pump out of it. I know some people at BPN don't believe in these "pump products", but I do and loved the entire workout.


Now I didn't get really any energy from it, and doesn't have any stimulants and I am a stimulant junkie. I have later learned from their Facebook page that you can Dilate Powder (the Beta Test product) with ANS Ritual. I bet that would be a nasty stack! Energy and pumps. I am going to have to try it next.


If you are used to taking products for pump, I would give this one a try. I used to be a huge fan of Hemavol, but there are now more products coming out competing with it, and this is a top contender. I would first try it by itself and then try stacking it. And tell me what you think about. I think you would agree it makes for an amazing workout.

Now that we Know...What is Dilate Powder?


So just today (Monday, Aug 25th), ANS Performance released the name of the product and a look at the bottle and some of the ingredients. As I thought, it's totally pushing the pump.

  • Citrulline
  • AgmaPure
  • AmentoPump
  • HydraMax

Now I am not sure what some of these trademarked terms mean, but it really is targeting the pump at the gym. And as I said earlier, looks like you can easily stack it with products like Ritual that have stimulants in them. So test different products and let me know which stack worked best, I would love to hear about it.

Want a sample? Check out the ANS Facebook page as they should be giving out free samples of this soon. Also, tell them you want a giveaway on our Best Price Nutrition Facebook page!


By Jeff Moriarty

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