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New Applied Nutriceuticals Lit-Up Preworkout Supplement $20.99

New Lit-Up from Applied Nutriceuticals. Lit-up is a new preworkout supplement close to the likes of Jack3d and 1MR.

Lit-Up is available for $20.99 and only $3.99 same day shipping!

A video review for Lit-Up will be coming soon.

Here is a write-up from Applied Nutriceuticals

Sure there are a boatload of pre-workout products out there that promise to get you all jacked up. All of them share pretty much the same theme: Intense energy, vasodilation, pump and short-lived increases in strength. Most draw from the same pool of ingredients and lack any actual lasting anabolic effects. The result? They crank you all up only to let you down and leave you right back where they started a few hours earlier - except now you're 1) strung out from being over-stimulated; 2) hungry because you can't eat, and 3) in a catabolic state because you lack the necessary elements for recovery and growth.

That sucks, huh? All that work for nothing?

Don't stress – check this out: What if your pre-workout drink could still deliver the perfect amount of energy, focus, pump, etc....but without the strung-out feeling and the loss of appetite for hours and hours after your workout? Then to take it further, what if it contained clinical doses of ingredients that are PROVEN to increase testosterone and build muscle? On top of it all, what if it was so effective at increasing strength IMMEDIATELY that you'll hit a new PR the very first time you use it? That's what we're talking about here...

Lit-Up™ represents the future of pre-workout supplementation because it does so much more than all the others. It triggers dramatic increases in testosterone levels, greater neuromuscular strength, mind-muscle connection enhancement and increased libido; all of which lead to improved well-being and lasting muscular growth. Lit-Up™ focuses on yielding cumulative results, which is very different from any product in the current pre-workout product segment – in that it does not solely rely on powerful and often dangerous stimulants to deliver better workouts.


* Precision energy delivery for greater neuromuscular strength, muscular endurance and increased focus; no mind-bending over-stimulation that leaves your stomach in knots!
* Strong mood-enhancing effect
* Positive effects on libido and sexual drive
* Exerts positive effects on joint health
* Dramatically increases testosterone to foster an environment favorable for substantial, long-term increases in lean body mass and fat reduction.

How Lit-Up™ Differs From Other Pre-Workout Products

* No Harsh Stimulants: Most of the popular products contain the stimulant 1,3 dimethylpentylamine*. Some shady companies try to hide it by calling it Geranium Oil or Geranium Stem, but in the end it's all the same synthetic stimulant. The over-utilization of this and other chemical stimulants can negate any growth potential brought on from a workout due to appetite suppression during the post-workout nutrient re-uptake window; plus they also often cause the user to "burn out" too quickly during a workout even though they're still "wired". This is a situation in which a large amount of energy is utilized during the first 20-30 minutes of a workout, leaving the user tired and lethargic for the rest of the training session. This lack of productivity can de-rail even the best training programs, and ultimately de-motivate even the most hardcore trainers.
* NO/H²S Pathway: Lit-Up™ takes the latest scientific research available to a whole new level by utilizing the synergism of the Hydrogen Sulfide (H²S) Nitric Oxide (NO) pathways: allowing for a huge increase in nutrient flow to target muscle tissue. The product also uses a unique nootropic/stimulant blend that allows for more targeted enhancement of the mind-muscle connection and greater neuromuscular strength.
* Precise Energy Timing: Ever finish up your workout with your stomach in knots; unable to eat because your pre-workout product has you so cranked up? Then by the time you settle down, you've missed the most important nutrient window of the day. LIT-Up™ has a potent, natural stimulant profile that delivers crisp clean focus and energy when you need it – but doesn't over saturate adrenal glands or shut down hunger.
* RESULTS!: Research involving blood testing of free and serum testosterone levels in humans indicates heightened levels of testosterone within 6 days of the first dosage, with increases occurring up to 2 weeks before stabilizing at elevated levels. NO OTHER PRE-WORKOUT GIVES YOU ALL THIS!

Here's the bottom line. You can train like you're on crack and get nowhere, or you can train hard, train smart and grow like a weed. Umm...


Shake vigorously before opening to distribute the contents evenly. Stir 1-2 scoops with 8 ounces of water per scoop, and consume 30 minutes before beginning workout. Always start with the lowest recommended dose and work increase one scoop at a time until desired effect is reached.

*also known as 1,3-dimethylamylamine; methylhexaneamine; dimethylpentylamine; 4-methylhexan-2-amine; 4-methyl-2-hexylamine; 4-methyl-2-hexanamine; 2-amino-4-methylhexane; Geranium Oil; Geranium Oil Extract; Geranium Root Extract; Constituent of Geranalean; Geranium [Stem]; Geranamine®, Forthan, Forthane, and Floradrene).

Lit-Up is available for $20.99 and only $3.99 same day shipping!

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