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New Blackstone Labs | BCAA Resurgence BCAA Formula

by Kuri Diaz

New Blackstone Resurgence | BCAA Formula

New BCAA Formula

Here are the news! Blackstone Labs possibly has come out with a new product and formula! Have you heard of Blackstone BCAA Resurgence + Nootropics. It's super popular, but now there are news of a new product! Introducing Blackstone Labs Resurgence BCAA Formula, the green bottle!

Well If you heard of BCAA Resurgence, there are now two different formulas! There now is BCAA Resurgence BCAA Formula + Nootropics and BCAA Resurgence BCAA Formula. But what is the difference?

Resurgence + Nootropics has HICA, Thebromine and CDP Choline. This formula has BCAA for recovery and then nootropics to boost your mood and give you a little energy.

When it comes to the new formula, it just contains the 3 BCAAs: Leucine, Iso-Leucine, and L-Valine. 

If you want to check both formulas, click here!

Kuri Diaz
Kuri Diaz

Kuri is the Marketing Supervisor with a degree in Applied Science in Digital Media & Communication. Starting as a Content Writer, Kuri moved up to supervisor to focus on improving people's health through nutrition, supplements, blog posts, storytelling, and fitness, along with being a huge coffee fan and dinosaur enthusiast,

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