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New iFORCE Nutrition Prohormone: PROTODROL


What is it? Here’s a write-up on the product from the iFORCE representative:

iFORCE Nutrition‘s newest innovation in performance enhancing designer anabolics. Protodrol was specifically engineered to maximize myotrophic (*Tim’s note: myotrophic –increasing the weight of muscle) activity resulting in notable changes to one’s physique faster than ever before. Protodrol marks the beginning of a new era of size, strength, recovery and endurance. You will experience rapid increases in muscle fullness and vascularity, while simultaneously reducing body fat.

The hypertropic (sic) (*Tim’s note: I’m not sure what he means here, hypertrophic wouldn’t seem to make sense either. Read it as side effects — or lack thereof) effects of Protodrol are extremely dry and lean because it cannot aromatize into estrogen. It has also been shown to have no progestinic activity. So with no exogenous estrogen or prolactin activity, concerns like gynecomastia, puffiness, or bloating won’t be a concern for even the most sensitive users! Plus, you see dramatic changes to energy levels, rate of fat loss, and a huge jump in libido!

Protodrol is extremely safe and is the only commercially available methylated compound that will not raise liver Bilirubin levels. Bilirubin, usually excreted in bile, is the pigment responsible for the yellowing of Jaundice and other liver ailments. Although no methylated product can claim zero liver toxicity, Protodrol is the closest of any product on the market.Protodrol Study -- No Bilirubin Impact

Protodrol is the ideal prohormone for someone who is ready to step up to the level of designer anabolics, and wants to do so without worrying about side effects such as liver damage, gynecomastia, bloating, or testicular atrophy. Stacking Protodrol with your next cycle will increase your gains in size and strength, without adding to any of the other compound’s negative effects. Take your training and physique to the next level. Experience mind blowing pumps, intense weight gain, and massive strength gains in 4 weeks or less with Protodrol!”

Dosing protocol:

Running Protodrol on its own
Weeks 1-4(6): Protodrol @ 2/day – 1 pill every 12 hours, Testabolan V2 @ 4/day
Weeks 5-8(7-10): Reversitol @ 3/2/2/1, Testabolan V2 @ 4/day

Running Protodrol with a “base” (in this case, Bold200, Dymethazine could also be used for more advanced users)
Weeks 1-4: Bold200 @ 600-800mg/day – 1-2 pill spaced evenly throughout the day, Protodrol @ 2day(both pills taken 45-60 minutes pre-workout), Testabolan V2 @ 4/day
Weeks 5-8: Bold200 @ 600-800mg/day, Testabolan V2 @ 4/day
Weeks 9-12: Reversitol @ 3/2/2/1, Testabolan V2 @ 4/day

For the prohormone users out there, this one looks really promising, and we’re shipping it for free!

Final note: This product is only intended for male athletes over the age of 21. Don’t forget your liver support!

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