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New USPLabs AminoLift - Do You Even Lift?

It's been awhile since USPLabs has come out with a new product. It used to be that people waited at the edge of their seat for the next big thing from this company. Well out of nowhere, they have come out with a new Amino product called AminoLift.

Do You Even Lift?

Now their big push on this product is Aminos + Energy + Focus. So you are getting more than just the normal amino acid supplement gives you. Looking at the label, here are some things we can see about the product.

  • Non-GMO (this is something people ask about all the time now)
  • Gluten Free (same...something people ask us about all the time)
  • Has Essential Amino Acids
  • 1,000% RDI of Key B Vitamins
  • Clean Energy & Focus
  • It has caffeine...not sure how much, but it does
  • Zero calories, carbs and sugar

So off of that, it sort of seems like a similiar product to Empyrean Nutrition Amino Ascend, though Amino Ascend has all 20 amino acids and beta alanine.

What Does it Taste Like?

Well since I haven't had it yet, I am not sure. Though they are pretty good about their flavoring. Looks like right now they have waterlemon and fruit punch.

Where Can I Buy AminoLift?

As I am writing this, it's not available yet. As soon as it is available, trust me, we will get it. Looks like you can sign up to be notified when it's available at the USPLabs website.


By Jeff Moriarty

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