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New WheyMax...Move Over Wheyology!

Now this isn't huge news as Wheyology was never a huge seller for us...unlike Trutein from Body Nutrition. But Body Nutrition contacted us today and announced that they would be replacing Wheyology with WheyMax. The owner of Body Nutrition informed us that WheyMax would almost be the exact same formula and available in both sizes just like the Wheyology was.

Many of you probably never heard of Wheyology, but this was the 100% whey protein supplement from Body Nutrition. Trutein, which they are most popular for, is a blend of whey, casein and egg. The new WheyMax should still be 100% whey protein, but will some slight changes we will not know about until it comes in.

We still do have some bottles of the Wheyology left, so stock up now if you liked it!



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