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NutraBio All New Amino Kick Energized Aminos Review

NutraBio All New Amino Kick Energized Aminos Review


A few weeks back NutraBio revealed an all new energized amino supplement they were going to be rolling out called Amino Kick. Initially this product was given out for free to NutraBio shoppers to try out, however it's now officially rolling out as a stand alone product in the popular energized amino category. If you're not familiar with energized aminos it's basically BCAA/EAA Amino supplements with caffeine for energy. This is a popular category with fans of these supplements loving products like Hi-Tech's Off the Chain as well as Optimum Nutrition's Amino Energy. NutraBio however is calling their all new Amino Kick "The King of Aminos" pointing out that they have 6 grams of amino acids compared to Optimum's 5 grams, as well as 2.5 grams of BCAAs compared to Optimum's undisclosed BCAAs. Amino Kick has also added electrolytes and features no proprietary blends, as well as using natural caffeine which provides a smooth clean energy source. 

NutraBio was kind enough to send out a big box of all the Amino Kick flavors for us to try so we decided to give the Blue Razz flavor a test drive and bring you guys a review. If you checkout our Youtube Channel Best Price Nutrition you can also view our video review of NutraBio Amino Kick there. 


So we tried the Blue Raspberry flavored Amino Kick. With Amino Kick you just mix two scoops with 10-12 ounces of water. The nice thing about Amino Kick is like most of the energized amino products out there it's pretty flexible in how you can use it, each two scoops is 100mg of caffeine so about that of a cup of coffee. On days your feeling tired you can take up to 6 scoops for 300mg of caffeine, or if you just need an afternoon pick me up or a little energy boost after a tough workout you can do 2 scoops for 100mg of caffeine. Personally I often use energized aminos as my preworkout taking 2 scoops on most days just to give myself a little boost after work, or on occasion six scoops if I'm really dragging.

Amino Kick tastes great, the Blue Razz flavor tasted like a melted slushi and was refreshing and tasty. Had the chance to use it as a preworkout and gave a nice little pick me up for my workout and seemed to help keep post workout soreness away. Amino Energy also makes a great alternative to an energy drink or an afternoon cup of coffee. 

NutraBio wound up sending us out a four flavor sampler pack which included Blue Raspberry, Georgia Peach Tea, Grape Berry Crush and Orange Manog, however this product is also available in Raspberry Lemonade and a unique and tasty Passionfruit Pineapple as well which I'd love to try down the road. Overall were big fans of Amino Kick and should be bringing it in here to our shop within the coming days. 

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