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Optimum Nutrition's New Protein Snack

Optimum Nutrition has the most unique and unforgettable protein snacks out there. Now they have something new that looks even more delicious than the last! This new product looks to be very limited in where it gets released but we hope it will come to the US soon! It's been released in the UK so far. Feast your eyes on the new protein snack from Optimum Nutrition, Protein Whipped Bites, which are very similar to the Cake Bites we all know and love.




Don't these protein bites look delicious? They are very similar to the Cake Bites, with the whipped inside content and it comes with 2 per pack, when the Cake Bites come in 3's. They are super convenient to eat since they are bite size pieces but contain a lot of nutrients! Each pack has about 20g of protein to keep you satisfied. The protein blend is milk and protein isolate. Protein Isolate pretty much is the purest form of protein with a content of around 90% hunger surprising powers. There are around 243 calories in each serving and 1.9g of sugar so you can calm those nerves about your sugar intake! 

So from those numbers, these bites are around the same as the Cake Bites. So what we are assuming is that these will come out with amazing flavors like strawberries & cream or chocolate. With that kind of fluffy texture, I'm hoping for mouth water flavors. But as of now, they have been released in the UK, so maybe they will make it to the US for all of us to try. Let's keep hoping!

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