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PARTITION-MD: NEW Nutrient Partitioner

Prime Nutrition PARTITION-MD Coming Soon!


Prime Nutrition PARTITION-MD is a nutrient partitioning supplement, designed to help you with you body recomposition. This product is the brainchild of bodybuilding expert John Meadows. Meadows is also the formulator Intra-MD, an innovative product that helps with training intensity and recovery.

What is a Nutrient Partitioner?

The process allows the body to decide whether the food you consume will be used to create lean muscle or stored as body fat. This obviously has a huge impact on your body composition. You may have seen people at the gym that seem to have a naturally lean and muscular physique, maybe in spite of mediocre or poor diet choices.

The musculuar physiques you see at the gym may be benefiting from a combination of genetics, optimal testosterone levels, and the ability to effectively partition nutrients. There isnt anything you can do about your genetics, but there are supplements on the market that can help you address other issues. Prime Nutrition PARTITION-MD is one of these supplements.

What Makes Nutrition Partition MD Special?

The 60 serving formula uses efficacious doses of some stellar ingredients like Cinnulin-PF, Aurora Blue, Alpha Lipoic Acid, Biotin, and a host of other standouts. You want to work smarter, not harder.

PARTITION-MD will help you more efficiently use the nutrients in the food you consume. Obviously using this product alongside better dietary choices will yield more impressive results. Eating lots of junk food and taking this product won't turn you into Mr. Olympia.

If you are serious about making positive changes to your physique, then take 1 capsule before the two largest meals of your day. You will quikcly start to notice an increase in energy, and benefits from the nutrients in your diet being shuttled to create lean muscle and away from being stored as body fat.


• Creates an Anabolic Enviornment for Muscle Growth

• Increases Energy Levels

• Steers Nutrients Towards Muscle and Away From Adipose Tissue

• Body Recomposition

• 60 Servings

Ingredient Profile PARTITION-MD Ingredients


Best Price Nutritoin will carry it as soon as it is made available to retailers.

When is the Release Date?

Prime Nutrition is taking pre-oders currently.  We expect PARTITION-MD to be available on our website in the next 1-2 weeks.

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