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Performance Enhancing Supplements Shift, Erase & Alpha-T2 Review

Erase Review, Alpha-T2 Review & Shift Review

Best Price Nutrition now has the Performance Enhancing Supplements brand in stock. These supplements include PES Shift, PES Erase and PES Alpha-T2.

Erase Review, Alpha-T2 Review & Shift Review

Best Price Nutrition now has the Performance Enhancing Supplements brand in stock. These supplements include PES Shift, PES Erase and PES Alpha-T2.

PES (Physique Enhancing Science) has been committed since day one produce products that provide astounding real world results. You won’t see any tacky ads or mega-expensive-marketing campaigns. Our products speak for themselves and we are driven by repeat satisfied customers! Our team of Synergy Specialists cautiously research and thoroughly test each ingredient in our products in order to dose them according to the research backed science. Each ingredient is first tested individually and then variations of combinations are tested to find the most effective ratios. PES loves science and we always use science to formulate our products, but sometimes the science never translates to the real world. Often science is great on paper but the product is a dud in the gym or on the field. Each and every product is first tested on elite and amateur athletes and bodybuilders before we ever introduce it to our valued customers.

About Performance Enhancing Supps

Performance Enhancing Supplements (PES) started from a notion that science should do the talking.  Too many companies want to reinvent the wheel by shoveling hype and BS down your throat.  PES wants to change the face of the supplement industry by providing real science and real data on our products, backing up every claim we make.

Our team of Synergy Specialists carefully reviews and tests each ingredient in our products

and doses them perfectly.  Each ingredient is first tested independently and then variations of blends are tested to find the most effective ratios.

We all have seen the same thing time and time again; 20 different ingredients in a product and all the manufacturer tells you is that it increases testosterone, burns all your fat, and makes you ripped! Well we don’t know about you, but when we take 20 different ingredients we want to know what we are taking and how it is working.

Physique Enhancing Science Shift

Shift your Metabolism into Overdrive!

PES Shift is back with a new formula and new look! This ultra potent non-stimulant fat burner was a favorite among bodybuilders and is now been brought back in an even more powerful formula! How does Shift work? By raising your metabolic rate! There are many ways to increase your metabolic rate and PES Shift does them all

  • Increase Thyroid Hormone - This is directly responsible for increasing your metabolic rate. Many people have below normal thyroid hormone, which is why they are overweight and often tired. Shift increases your thyroid hormone helping you lose weight and have more energy. It does it with Olive Leaf Extract.
  • Stimulates Brown Adipose Tissue - Unlike other fat in the body, Brown Adipose Tissue is a furnace in the body that helps burn more calories than any other tissue in the body. If you can stimulate it, you can burn more fat. This is what Shift does! It does it with Aframomum Melegueta.
  • Beta 2 and Beta 3 Agonism - By working with these two receptors, Shift can help elevate your metabolism in the body.
  • Increase cAMP - When Shift increases your cAMP levels, it helps boost all the methods above that we talked about. Overall increasing fat burning.

The Main Ingredients

So what are the main ingredients that make the new SHIFT even more powerful than ever?

  • Olive Leaf Extract: Thyroid Booster!
  • Afromamum Melegueta: Activates the brown adipose tissue and increases calories burned!
  • Forskolin: In many studies, shown to burn more fat. And in this formula they use 95% pure forskolin!

So What Results Can You Expect With Shift?

The results that everyone can expect by taking this non stimulant fat burner!

  • Stimulant Free Fat Burning
  • Burn More Fat Faster Than Ever Before
  • No Loss in Lean Muscle or Athletic Performance
  • No Caffeine, so you wont's be Over-Stimulated or Jittery

PES Erase (New Formula)

One of the most potent products we have had the pleasure of developing! Introducing a completely compliant & naturally occurring testosterone support ingredient that causes no shut down and is NOT A PROHORMONE! It is a completely DSHEA compliant derivative of DHEA! So if you wish to get natural lean muscle gains than this is the product for you! 

PES Erase Pro Cortisol & Estrogen Modulator (New Formula)

This isn't your cheap old AI supplement. PES has done it again! Just when you think ERASE couldn’t get any better here comes the new supplement, ERASE PRO! A complete one dose per day Super Testosterone Boosting, Estrogen Crushing & Cortisol Stomping breakthrough to get you the jacked & lean physique that everyone in bodybuilding wants! Even if you were a warrior in the Amazon, this product can still help you get even more cut up! What makes this different from PES Erase. With Erase you take 3 capsules over the course of the day. With PES Pro you only need to remember to take it once a day preferably before training with a meal.

  • This bottle lasts an entire 30 days

How Does PES Erase Pro Work?

Utilizing a DSHEA compliant derivative of DHEA (Abieta-8,11,13-trien-18-oic acid) which is a potent inhibitor of aromatase (AI) when this enzyme is activated it not only decreases estrogen but INCREASES TESTOSTERONE!

Erase vs Erase Pro

The main difference between the two products is the dosage. With Erase Pro, you only have to take 1 pill per day. With the Erase, you needed to take 3 pills per day.


  • Promote Probolic Environment
  • Potent Anti-Catabolic
  • Promote Lean Muscle Gains
  • Natural Aromatase Inhibitor

PES Alpha-T2 Non Stimulant Fat Burner (New Formula/Version)

The new version of Alpha-T2 upgrade offers:

  • More thermogenesis
  • More appetite suppression
  • Researched backed extracts that increase T3 and T3 (olive leaf & bacopa)
  • One of the newest most researched extracts for fat loss in humans (olive leaf)

Targeted Fat Loss!

Stackable with nearly every other fat loss product out there Physique Enhancing Science has brought you one of the biggest breakthroughs in Targeted Fat Loss & trouble area fat reduction. Did you know those stubborn areas on your body all have something in common, the fat can be accessed and burned by stimulating the Alpha 2 Receptor!

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