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Performax FitMax Coming Soon

Performax Fitmax

In late 2017 we brought in a newer supplement company called Performax. It's been a huge seller for us ever since. And the guys here at Best Price Nutrition love it! Especially the HyperMax, which if you are about the pumps, you have to try this pre-workout product!

Well for 2018, Performax Labs is back with a brand new supplement called FitMax! Fitmax is the new fat burner from this company. They initially hinted about it back in 2017, but it's about to be released to the public finally! But what is FitMax? The thing the guys here like about it is that it is a powdered fat burner and supposely is very, very sweet. Only thing we like better than burning fat, is getting something sweet while doing it!

Now FitMax isn't just a fat burner, it's also an energy booster. So maybe you are not currently dieting, but looking for an energy boost throughout the day or need a type of pre-workout before the gym. FitMax can do that for you. Now it's not going to be as strong as their pre-workout formulas, but it's a good beginner pre if you are looking that way. But because it is a thermogenic fat burner, you are going to sweat. Maybe not with just one scoop, but take the maximum two scoops and you are going to be hot and sweaty...exactly what you want at the gym.

Now Best Price Nutrition should be one of the first retailers to have this product once it is available to the public, so check back on our website often or sign up for our newsletter to be notified!

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