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PES Alphamine Advanced in Australia Only?

PES Alphamine Advanced

If I haven't mentioned it before, I am a big fan of PES products. One of them was Alphamine. So when I heard an Alphamine Advanced was going to be released, I was really excited. I mean an advanced formula for a product I already love?! Then I heard more's going to be exclusive to Australia :-(

Why is it Advanced?

So what exactly is in Alphamine Advanced? What makes it so advanced?

  • synephrine
  • n-methyl tyramine
  • citrus auraptene
  • AmentoMax amentoflavone
  • boldine
  • cirsium oligophyllum

Many of these ingredients are touted as being stronger than what is out there. And a lot of them are not in the current formula of PES Alphamine.

Now I travel a lot, so I just may need to make a stop in Australia to pick this Advanced Alphamine up, as well as their PES Erase powder formulas since we only have the pill form of Erase in the USA right now. I am guessing these are prettye expensive down there though too. If you have got your hands on this new formula, please let us know what you thought about it in the comments below!

Hopefully there will be enough outcry that PES brings some of these great products to the states and doesn't let Australia hog all the good stuff for themselves!

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