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PEScience Drops a New Seasonal Pumpkin Pie Flavored Select Protein

PEScience Drops a New Seasonal Pumpkin Pie Flavored Select Protein

PEScience Pumpkin Pie Protein Powder

Well the weather is getting cooler and October is just about a week away, so it's fitting we're beginning to see the Halloween Flavors and Fall Flavors rolling out from supplement brands. We'll typically see some Candy Themed flavors like SNS's Candy Corn flavored FocusXT, along with Pumpkin Pie flavored protein powders from various brands. One such brand is PEScience who just dropped a seasonal Pumpkin Pie flavor of their Select Protein protein powder. 

The all new Pumpkin Pie Select Protein combines a fresh pumpkin pie filling flavor along with sweet whip creamand pie crust aiming for a true Pumpkin Pie experience, packing 24 grams of protein with a lean 120 calories. This all new Pumpkin Pie flavor from PEScience just dropped on the brands website. We're hoping to have some in here in the coming weeks. Also, keep your eye out for other Seasonally flavored protein bars, protein powders and functional foods as get get further into fall and closer to Halloween. 

Pumpkin Pie Flavor

PEScience Select Protein 27 Servings


PEScience Select Protein 27 Servings PEScience's Select Protein is a High Quality Protein Powder comprised of both Whey and Casein Protein to quickly feed protein to the muscles to support protein synthesis while also having the slow release casein protein to prevent muscle waste and support muscle recovery while you sleep. Select Protein packs in 24 grams of protein per serving with 5 grams of BCAAs and only 1 gram of carbs. Best of all, PEScience Select comes in a variety of tasty Gourmet Flav ...

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