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PEScience Vanilla Select Protein


PEScience always had in mind that they were going to make a vanilla flavored Select Protein.  They just wanted to come up with the perfect vanilla flavor blend.  So, for roughly two years, they have been carefully testing and formulating the best gourmet vanilla protein that you have ever had. 

Made with crushed vanilla beans, they knew they had an absolute winner after all this time.  Not only do they believe that this flavor is the best vanilla flavor out there, but it was also voted by all of their independent blind taste testers as the best.  All this hype has me pretty excited to give this try.  I enjoy anything flavored vanilla, so I'm really curious how this measures up. 

This gourmet vanilla flavored protein offers 1.5g of fat, 2.5g of carbs, and 24g of protein.  This is a superior whey and casein protein blend that uses ultra-pure milk protein isolate and premium WPC-80.  It is formulated from science and is gluten free while providing over 5g of BCAA's with no amino fillers. 

The whey and casein protein blend has been shown to work together in a synergistic manner to build lean muscle.  It results in a quick increase in protein synthesis along with a sustained elevation in plasma leucine levels which serve to maximize muscle protein accumulation. 

Milk protein isolate may be the singel best protein source that you can get.  It contains 80% casein and 20% whey and provides a rapidly available source of amino acids with a slower digesting source.  WPC-80 stands for whey protein concentrate and it is composed of anywhere from 34-80% protein.  This gives you the most high-grade protein for your money.  It contains intact growth factors which allows you to maximize lean muscle growth. 

A lot of research has gone into Select Protein.  Take your training and physique to the next level and give your body what it deserves. 

Select Protein 27 Servings

Select Protein 55 Servings

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