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Platinum Labs AminoGrow Arrives Soon!!

Platinum Labs AminoGrow will be arriving soon!  This groundbreaking intraworkout formula contains a proven 2:1:1 ratio of BCAA’s with a full 7 grams of amino acids per scoop which takes the standard BCAA product to the next level. 


AminoGrow supports muscular endurance and prevents muscle tissue breakdown immediately which will give you noticeable effects during your first workout.  You will start to feel you can workout at a higher intensity for longer and notice your muscles are not as sore the next couple days.  Combining AminoGrow with a dieting and training regime will give your physique the look you’ve been waiting for.  AminoGrow has a full blend of vitamins to assist your recovery, boost your immunity, and ensure that you are not lacking the micronutrients your body needs.  Tryptophan is included to further your focus and theobromine is mixed in to increase blood flow and nutrient uptake.  Also included in this blend is picamilon which helps gain lean muscle, lose fat, increase bone density, increase sex drive, and better your sleep.          

Orange and watermelon will be the first two flavors coming out while two more will be announced soon.  AminoGrow should be mixed with water and taken during your workout.    


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