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Primordial Performance AndroHard & AndroLean in Stock - Free Shipping

Best Price Nutrition now has Primordial Performance AndroHard and AndroLean in stock! These are two of the most popular supplements by the guys at Primoridal Performance right now.

What is Androhard?

Man Machine. Hard abs, hard chest, hard 100% — Now delivered in a softgel. AndroHard will transform you. For many years androsterone was considered the primary male hormone until testosterone was discovered from concentrated testicular extracts many years later…Learn More.

Androhard Only $99.95 Shipped

What is Androlean?

In 2009 there was a case report on a 42 yr old male who was morbidly obese. (1) He had previously devoted significant efforts to fight his obesity with diet and exercise, but his efforts were unsuccessful. An examination revealed symptoms of the metabolic syndrome - elevated blood sugar, triglycerides, blood pressure and leptin. He complained of sleep apnea, loss of libido, erectile dysfunction, and fatigue — He also had extremely low testosterone levels. The man was given the equivalent of ~100mg/week of injectable testosterone for 16 months. He continued his diet and exercise. Over the 16 months all symptoms had normalized, and the subject had lost over 112lbs with a 43cm reduction in waist circumference…Learn More.

AndroLean Only $59.95 Shipped

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