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Best Price Nutrition now offers Primordial Performance AndroMass for only $149.95 and free shipping! This is a new formula from primordial performance that has been getting great reviews!

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Ultra Powerful

Without sufficient anabolic hormones you will never grow.

Only AndroMass contains Super-1-DHEA and Super-4-DHEA - highly bio-available hormones that are 10x more anabolic than regular DHEA. (1,2)

AndroMass active ingredients -
Super-1-DHEA - Easily converts to 1-Androstenediol at high levels. This anabolic hormone has zero estrogen conversion and produces clean bloat-free mass gains. (dry gains) (3,4)

Super-4-DHEA - Easily converts to 4-Androstenediol at high levels. This hormone has mild estrogen conversion, supporting dramatic size gains with minimal bloat. (wet gains) (5,6)
The combination of these two hormones produces rapid growth with minimal side-effects. (while being the all-time greatest legal steroid stack of all time)

The most widely used dose of injectable testosterone for increasing muscle mass with minimal side-effects is 400-500mg/week. (7) AndroMass is the only product to include a precisely calculated dose of Super-1-DHEA and Super-4-DHEA to match the muscle building power of 428mg/week of injectable testosterone (8).

In other words, AndroMass increases serum androgen activity nearly 3x over the high natural limit and well beyond the threshold for new skeletal muscle growth. (8, 10)

High Absorption

Up to 85% absorption is achieved by delivering the steroid hormones in an oil based transport system known as Liqua-Vade HTC.

This technology drives the hormones into the lymphatic system, avoids the liver, and saturates the blood with high levels of hormones for a powerful anabolic effect. (9,10)

Safe & Non-Toxic

The Super-DHEA hormones are naturally occurring in the human body and non-toxic. See the comparison between AndroMass and other methylated steroid hormones.

Guaranteed Results

The results from AndroMass are dramatic and noticeable when complemented with heavy lifting and a high protein diet.

AndroMass will produce noticeable effects quickly.

Effects after 1-2 weeks -

* More lifting power
* Increased hunger for food
* Enhanced muscle fullness & tightness

… And then after 3-4 weeks -

* 8-12lb bodyweight increase
* Increased muscle girth & size
* 20-30% increase in strength

AndroMass and Androhard Stack

AndroMass is a non-methylated product with balanced estrogen conversion making it perfect as a solid "testosterone base" for virtually any cycle - This means AndroMass can be stacked with almost any anabolic steroid or pro-hormone depending on desired gains.

Here are some recommended cycle guidelines -

Trusted Source

Primordial Performance has been producing the industry's highest quality legal steroid products since 2006 and is backed by thousands of satisfied customers with an "A" reliability rating by the BBB.

Product quality is exceptional. All steroid hormones are tested by a 3rd party lab for identity and purity - so you know exactly what you are getting - and can depend on results.

Buy AndroMass for $149.95 Shipped!

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