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RAW Nutrition Rebrands the RAW Pump Non-Stim Preworkout

RAW Nutrition Rebrands the RAW Pump Non-Stim Preworkout

RAW Nutrition Pump Rebranding

RAW Nutrition just recently posted some pics on Instagram of their rebranded RAW Pump Non-Stim Preworkout. Previously RAW Pump came in a black tub with a very natural organic brown looking label however following the rebrand RAW Pump is now in a crisp white tub with a much more modern and minimalist label design. 

While ultimately we take supplements for what's in them, it's no secret that the look and branding of a supplement plays a big role in how successful a supplement is and how popular it becomes. It seems many brands are opting for fresher, lighter and more minimalist and modern designs. In the past year or two we've seen brands like Olympus Labs, 5% Nutrition and others ditch their darker and busier lables for lighter, brither and more minimalist designs. 

Nothing has changed in regards to the formula, the formula still features pump enhancing ingredients like Citrulline, Betaine, Agmatine, Pink Himalayan Salt and others at the same dosages, and the flavor options will remain the same, however you will notice the packaging and tubs have a much fresher and lighter look to them. If you haven't tried RAW Pump grab yourself a tub, the flavors are on point and it provides increased vascularity and a solid muscle pump during your workouts. 

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