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RAZE Dropping Bazooka Bubble Gum Flavored Energy Drink on Black Friday

RAZE Dropping Bazooka Bubble Gum Flavored Energy Drink on Black Friday

RYSE Bazooka Bubble Gum Energy Drink

RYSE is a newer supplement brand but one which has quickly become one of the hottest supplement lines on the market. One thing that's really helped set RYSE Supplements apart from the competition aside from putting out high quality supplements is the brands collaborations with mainstream food brands. To date RYSE has partnered with both MoonPie and Jet Puffed for protein flavors, they've also partnered with Kool-Aid, SMartees, Sunny D, and Ring Pop for their Energy Drinks which sell alongside their other flavors like Tiger's Blood and Baja Burst. Well RYSE has just announced another exciting collaboration that will be dropping on Black Friday, an all new Bazooka Bubble Gum flavored RYSE Energy Drink. 

For those who haven't tried the RYSE Energy Drinks, they pack 200mg of Natural Caffeine so much mellower than a Bang or RAZE Energy Drink, they also contain 500mg of Choline and 500mg of Taurine, have a medium level of carbonation, a great taste, and come in some tasty and unique flavors. The all new BAZOOKA Bubblegum flavored RYSE Energy Drink will be dropping on the brands website Black Friday. We'll try to get our hands on a few cases and bring you a review as soon as possible. If you'd like to checkout our full line-up of RYSE Energy Drink flavors you can click the link below...

RYSE Energy Drink RTD 12 Case


RYSE Energy Drink RTD 12 Case RYSE Energy Drinks are an All New Energy Drink which features 200mg of Natural Caffeine for long lasting clean energy along with nootropics like taurine and choline. Don't let the zero sugar label fool you, this is one of the best tasting energy drinks we've ever tried and the flavors are out of this world, including many Premium Food Brand collabs with companies like Ring Pop, Sunny D, and Smarties. RYSE Energy Drink RTD Highlights & Benefits 200mg of Natural Caffe ...

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