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Redcon 1 Med+Pak Coming Soon!

We are big fans of Redcon 1 here at Best Price Nutrition! Redcon 1 continues to provide high quality products that really make a difference in our lifestyle and wellness. Whether we need a supplement for muscle building, fat burning, or recovery, we know that Redcon 1 will deliver and never let us down. We can’t wait to tell you more about their newest product release, Med+Pak!

What is Redcon 1 Med+Pak?

Med+Pak is an immune boosting supplement that supports healthy organ function and will improve your body’s overall health. What makes Med+Pak stand apart from similar supplements on the market is that Redcon 1 ensures that the product you receive is powerful enough to actually make a difference in your performance, as many other brands sell products that barely make a dent. The Med+Pak formula protects against free radicals and contains a potent vitamin complex, which makes it stand out even more from other products. Each serving of Med Pak comes with 3 grams of Omega 3’s, 600mg of NAC, 400mg curcumin, 750mg milk thistle, and 100mg ubiquinol. NAC and ubiquinol are both powerful antioxidants that promote a healthier lifestyle. Milk thistle promotes healthy liver function, and curcumin possesses anti-inflammatory properties. Omega 3 is a powerhouse supplement that can help with a variety of problems including, fighting inflammation, fighting autoimmune diseases, and improving the risk factors for heart disease. The combination of these vitamins will help improve your body and ensure that you are feeling and performing at your absolute best!

When Will it be Available?

Redcon 1 Med Pak will be available for purchase online very soon! Be sure to sign up on Redcon 1’s website to get notified when Med+Pak releases and to check out our social media accounts to stay updated on when new product releases launch! Don’t miss out!

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