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Redcon1 Grunt is Here | EAA Supplement

Redcon1 has been rocking in 2017 and now 2018 releasing new product after new product. The newest product that Redcon1 is releasing is called "Grunt". But what is Grunt? This is their first EAA supplement. It is a complete blend of EAAs. You might say, wait, don't they have a few BCAA supplements already? Yes, that is true. But this is a pure blend of EAAs, which are different than BCAA's. Unlike the three BCAA ingredients in Breach, Grunt will have nine essential amino acids.  According to Redcon1, the first two flavors of Grunt will be Cherry Lime and Tigers Blood. Both sound delicious, and we are sure they will release even more flavors over the next year, as we see with all their other supplements as well.

Redcon1 Grunt

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