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Redcon1 Reveals the Formula Behind the New Total War Black Ops Preworkout

Redcon1 Reveals the Formula Behind the New Total War Black Ops Preworkout

Redcon1 Total War Black Ops Edition

A week or two back OG Supplement Brand Redcon1 teased out an all new Limited Edition Premium Preworkout on the way. At the time we learned it was going to be a special edition version of Total War called Black Ops, but we didn't know what to expect in terms of the formula. A trend we've seen in the past year in the supplement industry is brands rolling out premium preworkouts or premium versions of existing supplements. Just yesterday we told you about Apollon Nutrition's Limited Release Triumph Preworkout. This past  year NutraBio rolled out an entire premium line of supplements with their Unbound Supps line, and now Redcon1 is rolling out a Premium Preworkout a spinoff of Total War called Total War Black Ops. Redcon1 recently revealed the formula behind this all new product. 

Redcon1 Black Ops Formula

Well the formula for the Redcon1 Total War Black Ops Edition has been revealed, you can check it out above. In the energy department we have 400mg of Caffeine, 125mg of TeaCrine, and 100mg of Theobromine. Black Ops seems to be heavy on the pumps packing 6 grams of citrulline, 3.2mg of Beta Alanine, a gram of Betaine Nitrate and a gram of creatine. For focus and a strong mind muscle connection we have a gram of Taurine and 150mg of Dynamine, and there's also a thermogenic component to Black Ops with 25mg of Grains of Paradise, 25mg of GBB and 2mg of Yohimbine to increase thermogenesis and really get you sweating in the gym. 

As far as available flavors, Total War Black Ops is expected to drop in three flavors including Tiger's Blood, Sour Gummy Bear, and Blue Lemonade. It will come in a 20 serving tub and should retail for around $55. Redcon1 hasn't announced an official release date but we're guessing if we don't see it in the coming days, it should be dropping sometime very early in 2023. 

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