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Redcon1 Total War RTD Gets It's First Special Edition Flavor

Redcon1 Total War RTD Gets It's First Special Edition Flavor

Redcon1 is a brand that's no stranger to rolling out Limited Edition flavors. The brand has rolled out numberous special edition flavors of their Total War Pre-Workout powder including the America 1776 Special Edition flavor as well as special editions like White Walker and others. 

One product Redcon1 has not released a special edition flavor for is the brands Total War RTD drinks, a pre-mixed ready to drink liquid version of the popular pre-workout supplement. Well, sometime next week Redcon1 is going to be rolling out the first ever Total War RTD Limited Edition flavor with a Pink Lemonade option. 

The all new Pink Lemonade flavor will round out the total number of flavors at 7 as it currently comes in Grape, Strawberry Mango, Green Apple, Orange Crush, Rainbow Candy, Sour Gummy Worms, and for a limited time Pink Lemonade. We'll likely be getting in the Pink Lemonade option in the coming weeks, however if you'd like to checkout our current offering of Total War RTD flavor options you can do so below...

Redcon1 Total War RTD 12/Case

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