Reformulated Allmax Nutrition MusclePrime Core Factor

NEW Allmax Nutrition Muscle Prime Core Factor 950 Grams

New Formulation! Creatine-Free Pre-Workout Supplement

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  • BCAA FACTOR 45:30:25 Ratio (4.0 G)
  • LYS-ARG-PYRO G.H. Factor (2.4 G)

Total Reformulation

Completely reformulated top to bottom, MUSCLEPRIME stands apart from every other pre-workout on the market. Want more from your pre-workout supplement in terms of muscle gains, reduction in fat tissue, increased energy and powerful workout motivation? Want a pre-workout that doesn’t over-stimulate your nervous system? Looking for truly unique innovation in terms of an amino acid secretagogue that stimulates greater natural release in GH? You’ve found it!

"MUSCLEPRIME stands apart from every other pre-workout on the market."

BCAA Enhanced Pre-Workout

MUSCLEPRIME represents a massive shift in the way you should view all pre-workout formulas going forward. It provides a massive 4 g dose of BCAAs that has been proven to increase the rate of protein synthesis and decrease the rate of muscle tissue degradation during and after your workout; net-net, you build and retain more muscle. Put it to the test in your next workout and feel the difference for yourself.

"Net-net, you build and retain more muscle."

Amino Acid Enhanced GH Stimulation

Based on real, human-subject, placebo-controlled, peer-reviewed and published research ALLMAX has added 1.2 g of the amino acid Lysine in the HCl format with 1.2 g of an Arginine blend containing Arginine Pyroglutamate, Arginine AKG (2:1), Arginine HCl and Arginine Base. This specific 2.4 g ratio of aminos has been shown in research to increase natural growth hormone release by over 7 times the normal level in response to training. Considering the myriad physique enhancements that increases in GH provide – this is a massive shift in how you should see your pre-workout. MUSCLEPRIME is for real, when we say DECIMATE YOUR LIMITS, we mean it!

"MUSCLEPRIME is for real, when we say DECIMATE YOUR LIMITS, we mean it!"

Powerful Pumps Anchored by Citrulline

MUSCLEPRIME:CORE·FACTOR includes 1 g of Citrulline-Malate along with 300 mg of Arginine AKG (2:1) which is a knockout combination when it comes to providing a spectacular pump experience. Why? Because Citrulline has been shown to raise blood Arginine levels higher than Arginine supplementation; turns out that Citrulline works as what they call a rate limiting step to the production of Nitric Oxide in the blood stream.

"Citrulline…a rate limiting step in the production of N.O."

In addition to some exceptional support ingredients such as American Ginseng, Co-enzyme Q10, Cordyceps, Ginkgo Biloba and Vitamin B6, MUSCLEPRIME will give you that satisfying swollen muscle pump that makes your workout worth it.

Enhanced Energy to Drive your Toughest Training

In terms of a stimulant factor MUSCLEPRIME combines a highly unique and effective combination of Caffeine, Synephrine, Octopamine that gives you the focus, drive and energy you need without leaving you feeling crashed and shaky like you have too many shots of espresso.  

Electrolyte Hydration Therapy

Hydration is absolutely critical to maintaining a strong pump and to maintain strength while training. The loss of essential electrolytes can derail training intensity and induce fatigue. MUSCLEPRIME provides a potent combination of 620 mg of Electrolytes in the form of Calcium, Magnesium and Potassium maintain critical levels of hydration through the kind hard training BVT requires.

"MUSCLEPRIME is ideal for Blood Volume Training."

MUSCLEPRIME – Designed for BVT

Aside from looking swelled up and jacked through your workout, blood volume training is becoming all the rage in terms of getting spectacular results fast. Top trainers like ALLMAX Athletes Ben Pakulski, Chris Villa  and Andre Rzazewski swear by the kind of training that builds a huge volume of blood into your muscle tissue – MUSCLEPRIME is an ideal product for BVT (Blood Volume Training).

BVT focuses every movement on driving the highest volume of blood into target muscles in every training session. Doing this consistently increases your body’s ability to increase not only the overall volume of blood but also your body’s ability to deliver blood to target muscles. MUSCLEPRIME:CORE·FACTOR has been designed in every way to enhance these effects.   Look at the formulation and you’ll see that MUSCLEPRIME has been specifically formulated with BVT in mind.

  • BCAAs to protect muscles through hard training and stimulate muscle growth
  • Natural GH release to drive exceptional muscle tone and fat loss
  • Citrulline to really power the pump that enhances the effects of BVT
  • Caff/Syn/Oct stimulant to drive the intensity required to get results.

MUSCLEPRIME is the ideal pre-workout supplement to enhance the results of every workout. It delivers increased workout intensity and energy, increased muscle size and enhanced fat burning – combined with the powerful effects of intense Blood Volume Training, MUSCLEPRIME is truly in a league of its own.

MUSCLEPRIME is available in Wild Grape, White Raspberry and Fruit Berry Punch.

100% Creatine and Sodium Free

The MUSCLEPRIME® formula is radically different than every other pre-workout formula on the market.To start with, there is No Creatine. This lets you cycle Creatine when you want to, or head into pre-contest without it altogether. MUSCLEPRIME® is 100% Sodium Free making it an ideal pre-competition supplement. No bloating, no water retention; just clean, exceptionally delicious, pre-training firepower.*

Build Muscle and Shred Fat*

MUSCLEPRIME® Core•Factor has been formulated to meet and exceed your needs. A precise inclusionof 1.2 g Lysine and 1.2 g Arginine Pyroglutamate/HCl/AKG 2:1 per serving precisely matches researchshowing an increase of 701% in natural growth hormone following intense exercise over placebo.Increases in serum growth hormone have been linked to increased muscle mass and decreased body fat.*

Stacked with 4G of BCAAs

4 g (4,000 mg) of BCAAs is in every serving with a research-backed 45:30:25 ratio. BCAAs have been shown to increase muscle protein synthesis, act as an energy source for muscles and help prevent muscle breakdown. In terms of pre-workout supplementation, 4,000 mg BCAAs will stimulate post training protein synthesis and limit muscle breakdown (catabolism).*

A Full Gram of Nitric Oxide Producing Citrulline

1 g (1,000 mg) of pure Citrulline Malate powers a pump like you have never experienced. Citrulline Malateis a key factor in raising blood Arginine levels within the body and is an important factor in the productionof Nitric Oxide. Citrulline Malate has been shown in research to relieve fatigue and increase blood flow.*

Effective Workout Stimulation

The unique SYN•OCT™ stimulant blend in MUSCLEPRIME® is designed to bring focus and energy toyour workout, activate fat burning and increase your intensity in the gym. It is NOT designed to “tweak”you out and leave you feeling like you had one too many shots of Espresso. Our exclusive SYN•OCT™ blend of Caffeine, Synephrine and Octopamine is an effective stimulant to power your workout withoutputting your adrenal glands into overdrive.*

Serious Pump Support

While not the primary drivers in this formula, Ginseng, Gingko, Coryceps, Hawthorne, Niacin and Pyridoxine HCl have been included as blood volume support ingredients to act as co-factors in the generation of blood vessel dilation.*

Muscular Endurance Support

CarnoSyn® 100% Pure Beta-Alanine in MUSCLEPRIME® promotes greater concentrations of muscleCarnosine resulting in increases in strength, power and muscle mass. Beta-Alanine has been reportedto increase anaerobic endurance, aerobic endurance and delays the onset of fatigue letting youtrain with greater intensity and duration.*

1. MUSCLEPRIME Directions

MUSCLEPRIME:Core-Factor should be taken right before you workout. You can take it anywhere between 15 minutes before to immediately before you train.The strategy that most of athletes have adopted, is to take a shaker, or one of our cups and lids to the gym and scoop MUSCLEPRIME in there and down it just before they start.

BVT (or Blood Volume Training) is very popular with this product and with our athletes. By taking this before you train, as they warm up through the first sets, you mobilize your body’s ability to initiate the process of shuttling the nutrients in MUSCLEPRIME to target muscles.

2. How do I take MUSCLEPRIME?

Dissolve 1 scoop in water before intense training sessions. Use approximately 4-6 oz of water – adjust the amount of water to taste, less water more intense flavor and more water, the less intense the flavor.

3. What sets MUSCLEPRIME apart from other pre-workout supplements?

MUSCLEPRIME is packed with an ideal blend of clearly labeled, active ingredients that literally prime your muscles for a powerful workout.

  • 4.0 grams of BCAAs (Branched Chain Amino Acids) in a ratio of 45 to 30 to 25. To be specific, in every scoop 1,800 mg of L-Leucine, 1,200 mg L-Isoleucine and 1,000 mg L-Valine.
  • 2.4 grams of a unique complex of Lysine HCl and Arginine Pyroglutamate, Arginine AKG (2:1), Arginine HCl and Arginine Base supported by research showing a 701% in natural GH release in the body.
  • 1.0 gram of Citrulline Malate showing direct increases blood levels of Arginine which have been shown to translate into increased Nitric Oxide activity resulting in pronounced vasodilation; and more importantly, the engorgement of the muscle tissue during training.
  • 600 milligrams of Beta-Alanine to help to increase muscle strength, enhance muscle stamina and increase training intensity.
  • 620 milligrams of the POS-ION Electrolyte source. A combination of Positive Ions like Calcium, Potassium and Magnesium all critical to ensuring hydration levels that are essential to performance. Even a small decrease in hydration levels can negatively affect performance.
  • The Syn-Oct STIM FACTOR a highly unique blend of C/S/O Caffeine, Synephrine and Octopamine that increase stimulant levels to a degree that enhances your workout without over stimulating.
  • Anti-Ox Factor is a well rounded set of Anti-Oxidant ingredients that help quench the activity of free-radicals. Free-Radicals are electrons that are freed in a chemical reaction called oxidation. The rate of this reaction is increased dramatically during physical activity. Increased levels of free radicals damage tissue, including muscle tissue. By keeping your key anti-oxdants high during your workout, you help keep the damage of free radicals in check. Vitamin C, N-Acetyl-Cysteine, Alpha Lipoic Acid, Vitamin E and Selenium are all effective anti-oxidants that help protect you while training.
  • 100% RDI B12 in the highly bioavailable form of methylcobalamin which helps with the production of energy by your cells.

4. Can this be stacked with other ALLMAX products?

Yes! Here are some ideal stacking ideas:

CREATINE: a great ingredient, but we intentionally left it out, why?

Because while Creatine has great benefits many people:

A) Want a creatine-free option

B) Find Creatine makes them bloat, or look puffy

C) Are Creatine non-responders – simply doesn’t work for them.

Additionally, this presents a great opportunity – Creatine is designed to be cycled. For the best results (research literature is pretty clear about this) you need to saturate your body with a Creatine loading phase to reach the levels in your body required to achieve the maximum benefit. In addition, the body goes through a negative feedback process where receptors and transport mechanisms down regulate, long story short, after a period of time – typically about 8 weeks, your body “gets used to” the positive effects of Creatine.

The answer to this is cycling Creatine to achieve maximum benefit. Bottom line, due to your body’s homeostatic negative feedback response system, you shouldn’t be taking Creatine without a Load, Maintain, Washout cycle. If you do, you run the risk of negatively impacting the receptors that transport Creatine.

  • (Load) 10 g for 7 days,
  • (Maintain) 5 g for 7 weeks (49 days) and
  • (Washout) 0 g – Repeat.

The alternate for a strong mass-gaining phase KRUSH LOADED immediately following training following the same protocol as above, 4 scoops a day (Morning/Post-Workout) 7 days, 2 scoops for 7 weeks (Post-workout) and 2 weeks off.

Another note about Creatine. While it is in virtually every Pre-Workout product on the market A) It is typically included at levels under the 5 g/day minimum dose for maintenance (and well under the 10 g/day loading phase B) The vast majority of people take their pre-workout supplement when they train – for even your more extreme athletes, this means 5 days a week. If that athlete is depending on his/her PW for their Creatine – they are now losing out on a minimum of 2 days. To be effective, Creatine needs to be supplemented daily.

The best methodology for the optimal effects of Creatine is to use Creatine as a stand alone ingredient in conjunction MusclePrime, and/or KRUSH Loaded as a post-workout.


Beta-Alanine is of course in the MUSCLEPRIME formula at a nice dose of 600 mg per serving using the patented and branded CarnoSyn® version. The problem with Beta-Alanine is that as effective as it is, it has a downside; parasthesis. This is the prickly heat sensation that most users experience somewhere at or above 1000 mg. As we know, Beta-Alanine is a great supplement, and should be used at between 1 g and 5 g – but, users need to self regulate in order to achieve the optimal dose and achieve that dose at a rate that they are comfortable with in order to avoid the negative effects of parasthesis. Solution, 100 g or 400 g Beta-Alanine with MUSCLEPRIME and achieve the optimal dose at a rate of increase that each user can best tolerate.


Glutamine is far less complicated from an add on standpoint. Our top athletes supplement this at levels that are far beyond what you could, or would want to add into any pre-workout formula. In addition, athletes prefer to take Glutamine both pre and post workout and often upon waking and before bed. Solution, a 1000 g Glutamine which easily allows larger dosing and more frequent intervals to achieve the greatest result.


HEXAPRO is a natural fit for this product. This is something you would want to take post-workout following MUSCLEPRIME and you could take it following every workout during a typical non-competition timeframe. For the optimal protein, and pre-competition, one would certainly opt for ISOFLEX – this the cream of the crop, no argument.

5. How is MUSCLEPRIME:Core-Factor different than RAZOR8 Blast Powder?

MUSCLEPRIME is creatine-free and has much higher levels of Beta-Alanine than a serving of RAZOR8. RAZOR8 has a stronger stimulant effect and has a different profile in that we use Cranes Bill Extract, Hordenine and Naringin that produces both a stronger effect and a different feeling. MUSCLEPRIME has a lower level of caffeine and uses Synephrine and Octopamine that produces a different effect, more acceptable to those who prefer a lighter stimulant effect.

RAZOR8 has Creatine, but no BCAAs and of course, a feature to MUSCLEPRIME is that is has 4 g BCAAs in a single scoop. RAZOR8 has 80 servings making it a great value for people who are more interested in the stimulant effect and are not as concerned with the Amino Acid inclusion that MUSCLEPRIME has. Clearly, someone who is interested in an “athlete’s formula” and wants 4 g BCAA, 2.4 g LYS-ARG-PYRO, 1 g Citrulline will buy MUSCLEPRIME, whereas someone who is looking for a concentrated pre-workout with Creatine will favor RAZOR8.

6. How does it taste?

Very soon, you will be able to judge for yourself, but I can tell you this, our athletes and test subjects agree, it is so far above the previous version in terms of taste that they are quite incomparable. The flavor of this product has been compared to AMINOCORE, and some even say it’s a bit better, considering the monster hit that AMINOCORE has become, that’s saying a lot. The White Raspberry tastes like candy – not even the slightest hint of bitterness, and for those who care about this sort of thing, the WR flavor is 100% free of dyes. We will have no issues with anyone saying that this formula doesn’t taste good. It legitimately makes you look forward to your workout based on taste alone.

7. How does MUSCLEPRIME stack up against the competition?

A. No one has this level of BCAA with the 45:30:25 ratio of Leucine, Valine, Isoleucine (the 3 Branched Chain Amino Acids) – we pride ourselves on being able to put together formulas with serious horsepower behind them – this is a clear example of that. A quick look at our full transparent/proprietary-blend-free Supplement Facts Panel will tell you that this is a serious formula that will get results. No one else has a natural GH release blend like this – this is a bit of a game changer and is backed by a great study and YES as per usual, we have included full efficacious dosing of the Lysine and Arginine as directed by the study – and yes, the study was a human study, not an animal or in vitro lab test. Peer reviewed, placebo controlled, published, gold-standard research study.

8. Should I use MUSCLEPRIME on days that I’m not training?

MUSCLEPRIME should only be consumed on those days that you train, or on days that you have a physically active event.

9. Are there any side effects associated with MUSCLEPRIME I should be aware of?

Use MUSCLEPRIME only as directed. While the dosage of Beta-Alanine is low enough that this should not occur, for some users, it may cause temporary and mild skin flushing and/or itching, this typically only happens at 1 g or higher in a single dose and as you get accustomed to it, this no longer occurs. This is normal; do not be alarmed, it will go away shortly.

Since it contains caffeine, synephrine and octopamine (which are stimulants), do not take with any other products with stimulants (such as coffee, cola, tea, energy drinks, medications with pseudoephedrine or ephedrine,  weight loss formulas with caffeine or any other stimulants). If you have any medical conditions or are taking any medications, please consult your physician prior to consumption.

10. How much caffeine is in MUSCLEPRIME?

1 Serving is roughly equivalent to about a strong cup of coffee (160 mg). Looking at the label will tell you this since we have complete label transparency, meaning we tell you precisely what is in a serving of MUSCLEPRIME. We started this long ago when virtually no one else was doing it.

11. Who will benefit from this product?

  • Anyone who wants to improve the intensity of their workout with improved stamina and performance. C/S/O (Caffeine/Synephrine/Octopamine) has a clinically studied effect that causes a decrease in the perceived level of exertion, stated more simply, taking a good stimulant makes weights feel lighter than they normally would. Side benefit; you increase your level of exertion and intensity. As a result, you increase the stimulation of both your skeletal muscle structure and your nervous system.
  • Anyone who wants to get improved results from their training – think of MUSCLEPRIME as a training accelerator. A greater degree of fat loss (C/S/O blend+GH Blend), increases in muscle gain (BCAAs+GH Blend+Beta-Alanine) and decreases in the degree of muscle breakdown during and after training (BCAAs).

12. What about allergies?

The ingredients in MUSCLEPRIME are themselves hypoallergenic, however as per the label, the facility we make it in also handles Milk, Egg, Soy, Wheat and Peanuts. While we do follow cGMP standards to limit the potential for any cross contamination, since the possibility exists, if you have an allergy to the above ingredients, you should avoid MUSCLEPRIME.

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