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REPP Sports Announces New Test Pro Testosterone Booster

REPP Sports Announces New Test Pro Testosterone Booster

REPP Sports is a brand which has had a pretty exciting year so far in 2020. REPP Sports has rolled out a few new flavors of their popular RAZE Energy Drinks, some new protein powder flavors, and they reformulated Broken Arrow, the brands flagship pre-workout supplement. Well REPP Sports also has something else new in store for us, this time an all new Testosterone Booster called Test Pro.

While REPP Sports does have DAA+ which aims to boost testosterone, this will be the brands first full fledged test booster and REPP Sports tells us this one will have a dual action formula and is a top tier product which aims to help increase stamina and libido. From the bottle it appears this supplement is meant to be taken as a 4 week cycle. 

The brand is keeping the supplement panel under wraps for now but has revealed it will feature 1.6 grams of active ingredients to support libido, strength, and of course to boost testosterone as well. 

REPP Sports just teased Test Pro on Instagram the other day, but we're guessing it should be rolling out in the not too distant future and it will come in a 30 serving bottle. We'll bring you more info as we learn more. 

REPP Sports Test Pro Test Booster

REPP Sports Test Pro 120 Capsules


REPP Sports Test Pro is an all new Test Booster from REPP Sports. This Dual Action Formula which is taken on a 4 week cycle is intended to booster free testosterone, boost libido, boost strength, and improve mood and sense of wellbeing. 

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