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RYSE Dropping New "Pump Daddy" Preworkout on Black Friday

RYSE Dropping New "Pump Daddy" Preworkout on Black Friday

RYSE Pump Daddy

Black Friday is always a popular day for new releases from supplement brands, some brands will roll out new flavors of existing supplements while others will role out entirely new supplements and new additions to their product line. In recent weeks we've covered a number of the new releases  you can expect this upcoming Black Friday, however we've also learned of another new addition from RYSE Supps, RYSE has announced an all new Non-Stimulant Pump Preworkout dropping in just a couple days on Black Friday, it's called Pump Daddy. 

Pump Daddy is a stim free hardcore pump preworkout which hits three major pump pathways, the formula contains a whopping 9 grams of L-Citrulline along with a full 5 gram serving of Creatine, 4 grams of Glycerol, 4 grams of Betaine, and 4 grams of Beta Alanine for endurance, along with 20mg of Thinkamine to boost focus and that mind/muscle connection that's so important while training.

RYSE Supps All New Pump Daddy will be dropping on the brands website just ahead of Black Friday on Thursday November 24 at 7PM Central Time. 

RYSE Pump Daddy Preworkout

Ryse Pump Daddy 20/40 Servings


Ryse Pump Daddy 20/40 Servings RYSE Supps Pump Daddy is a Super Premium heavily dosed non-stimulant pump preworkout. There's a reason they call this one Pump Daddy, this is the Daddy of all pump preworkouts packing 28 grams of active ingredients with 9 grams of citrulline, a full 5 gram serving of creatine, 4 grams of glycerine and a ton more. Whether you're stim sensitive or workout in the evenings this is a great preworkout for you, and if you love stims, well go ahead and stack this with your ...

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