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Smores Quest Bar Coming Soon

Smores Quest BarsQuest Nutrition is good at hinting about new flavors of their products, and they have been doing that a lot lately with their Instagram page here. They have been showing a lot of pictures about the upcoming bar, which everyone was taking guesses at.

Like others, I was trying to guess at what this next flavor could be. I have still been addicted to the Cookies N Cream that came out early this year, so looks like more of my money is now going to go to this new flavor, whatever it was. So what was the big clue that gave the new flavor away?

"The New #CheatClean, with 20 grahams of protein, is almost here"

Smores Quest Bar

This has led everyone to believe that smores is the new flavor, and I agree. I am not exactly sure what they will call the flavor, if not smores, I don't know...but it sounds delicious. I would expect this to be available before Christmas, because Smores is all about the cold and sitting in from off a fire.

So during your next camping trip, instead of bringing the marshmellows and graham crackers, just bring out a box of Quest Smores protein bars.

When Can You Buy It?

Best Price Nutrition will be one of the first retailers to hopefully carry this product and we will definitely announce it when we do. I am hoping to get a sample bar to try beforehand and I would be willing to do a review of it. For now though, you can enjoy all the flavors of Quest Bars or even try those new Quest Chips everyone is raving about.

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