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Steel Supplements Announces New Energy Drink Coming Soon

Steel Supplements Announces New Energy Drink Coming Soon

Steel Supplements Energy Drink

Steel Supplements, the Hardcore supplement brand behind products like Steel PRE, Shredded-AF, and Alpha AF among others has announced they'll be putting out an all new Steel Octane Energy Drink, which they promise will be like no other energy drink on the market.

In recent years we've seen a trend of Sports Nutrition Supplement companies and brands putting out their own energy drinks, we've seen this from REPP Sports with their RAZE Preworkout, and more recently 1st Phorm Energy Drink. Now Steel Supplements will be dropping Steel Octane, an energy drink which will contain a host of ingredients including of course caffeine, amino acids, and nootropics to boost mental alertness, focus and concentration, with Steel saying "this won't be your traditional energy drink". 

So far Steel hasn't released much information about Octane, we don't know how much caffeine it will contain nor the ingredients or dosages, but we're anxiously awaiting hearing about what will make this drink different than the rest. While many energy drinks do tout that they pack things like aminos, creatine and nootropics, most don't disclose the dosages and in the past it's typically been more marketing than functional, so it's possible what will differentiate Steel Octane from other energy drinks on the market is it might contain clinical dosages of the active ingredients. We don't know the caffeine content, though we'd guess it will likely be in the 200mg to 300mg of caffeine. One thing we do know is the flavor line-up, Steel Octane will initially roll-out in three flavors including Raspberry Apple, Acai Passion berry and Tropical Blueberry. We'll bring you more info as we learn more about Steels upcoming Steel Octane Energy Drink!

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