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Symbiont-Gi: All In One GI Support Formula

PEScience has launched a new and improved formula to help that very important gut! It’s an all-in-one gastric intestinal formula support called Symbiont-GI, and it’s the newest in its kind. Most of the formula contains gastric acids, probiotics, and digestive enzymes so you know it will be a big help!


What a pretty bottle. They did release the ingredients in a photo so let's go through them. First off, we have the ingredients for the Gastric Support Blend. Those would be slippery elm bark and the PepZin GI (zinc-l-carnosine complex). Elm bark has been used for stomach problems by Native Americans for centuries and PepZin GI is a unique supplement for irritated stomach lining. 

Next on the list is The BioCore Optimum Complete Blend. This is basically a digestive blend including Lactase and Amylase and so many other ingredients for people that have trouble with gastrointestinal discomfort associated with certain sugars, carbohydrates, and fats. 

The last ingredient would be LactoSpore, which is a probotic.LactoSpore has special enzymes that work to keep your digestive system functioning the way it is supposed to. All these ingredients are in one easy to take pill! 

PEScience went as far as having this product be super cost effective so more and more people can get their hands on it! Its overall a good supplement to have and to implement into your daily routine so your stomach is prepared for the rest of its days! Try and get one soon.

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