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Universal Animal Energy Is Here!

Universal Nutrition Animal Energy

Well it's been awhile since Universal Nutrition has come out with a new supplement, but its about July and we have just confirmed that Animal Energy is coming very shortly (as of June 22nd, 2018).

Now many of you may think this is just a knock of of Amino Energy from Optimum Nutrition, but looking at the ingredient profile, Aminal Energy is all about ENERGY! Plus the big difference is that its a pill and not a powder.

Their Animal Energy Complex contains a whopping 300mg of caffeine, Tyrosine, coffee bean extract, green tea extract and other stimulants. So not only is this going to give you a kick, but its going to help with focus and possibly even some weight loss! This is a lot to fit into one little capsule so be careful! I could easily see people popping two or more not realizing that there is 300mg of caffeine in each serving!

Universal Nutrition recommends that you take one capsule about 30 minutes before your workout or whenever you need a big boost in energy. They also say not to take more than one capsule during a 24 hour period...and definitely don't take this product along with any other stimulant based products or drinks!

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For now though, try the other Universal Nutrition supplements here.


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