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Update from Built Bar

Update from Built Bar

Last year Built Bar sent a couple boxes of samples of their bars to the office, and when we found ourselves fighting over them, we knew we had to bring them in. Built Bars have become incredibly popular among our customers and have been selling like crazy. Lately however there have been some supply chain disruptions leaving many of our customers wondering, where the heck are the Built Bars?

Well Built Bar has provided some clarity on what's going on. Apparently Built Bar is undergoing a rebranding and freshening up the look of their packaging. As you can see from the image above, it looks like the brand has dumped the plain white packaging in favor of a more modern and colorful blue packaging design. It looks like the formula and macros remain the same with 17 grams of protein, 4 grams of sugar and a very lean 130 calories. 

We suspect however there may be some changes to the formula as well as Built Bar states they are getting ready to roll out "an even better Built Bar" leaving us to wonder whether some ingredients or the formula itself may have changed. The image above also seems to allude to a Mystery Flavor with the question mark on the bars, so we wouldn't be surprised to see Built Bar announce an all new flavor addition as part of the re-release.

We'll keep you updated and bring you more info as we learn more. 

Built Bar 18/Box


Low Sugar & Calorie Protein Bar - Built Bar If you're tired of your old & mundane Protein Bar regimen & are searching for a new, delicious one, you've landed on the right page! The Built Bar Protein Bar is a delicious & Protein rich option that comes in a large variety of flavors (11 to be exact)! Each Built Bar contains a whopping 15 to 20 grams of Protein & only contains 4 grams of Sugar! If you're really trying to watch your Sugar intake, the Built Bar Protein Bar may be an excellent option f ...

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