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USP Labs Modern Protein Coming in May!

Modern Protein | New Protein Supplement from USP Labs

USP Labs Modern Protein

USP Labs Modern Protein is a new blended protein supplement that utilizes "triple isolate technology". The term refers to a blend of milk, whey, and hydrolyzed isolate proteins. USP Labs is adding a protein powder to their popular "Modern" line that also includes Modern Creatine and Modern BCAA.

If you have bought supplements over the past couple years, you are probably familiar with Jack3d and the original Oxy Elite Pro, popular pre-workout and fat burner supplements respectively. USP Labs has really built a repuatation on making quality products, and although are limited details so far, we do know that the containers will be 1.9lbs and contain 23 grams of protein/scoop.

Modern Protein is the 2nd protein powder released by the company. The 1st was OxyElite Protein, a protein powder that actually burns fat using the Rapid Burn Lipid Complex that included CLA, MCT's, and High Oleic Sunflower Oil.  Modern Protein will take a different approach than OxyElite Protein by helping individuals looking to increase size, strength, and lean muscle mass. 

Modern Protein Benefits

• 23 Grams of Protein

• Blended Protein

• No Amino Spiking

• Only 3 Grams of Carbs


The original release of Modern Protein will include just 2 flavors.  We expect this to rapidly change, as Oxy Elite Protein had 5 flavors.

• Chocolate

• Vanilla

Release Date

USP Labs has not unveiled the release date for Modern Protein yet, but we have heard it should be sometime in May.

Video Review

When USP Labs Modern Protein is released, we will certainly add a product review to our popular YouTube channel.  Until then, check out our video of Oxy Elite Protein.

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