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USPLabs Compound 20 Reviews





USPLabs and their powerful marketing has recently released some information about a new product called Compound 20. Right now we know very little…well really nothing about this supplement. They are currently getting beta testers for this Compound 20, so if you are interested in testing out this supplement, you can submit an application to do so!

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Here is some information from their forum:

What Happens When You Selectively Tap into the Most Underused - And One of the Most Potent, Multi-FacetedReceptors Known to Man? I can’t give you specifics… BUT you will FEEL it working!

- USPlabs Compound 20™ Beta Testing is just around the corner... And we need your help! – As always, our Beta Testing is open to ANY USPlabs customer around the world. We realize that we have support worldwide, and we want to allow an eclectic group of individuals to test-drive our newest innovation!

- What is USPlabs Compound 20™? – If we told you - we'd have to kill...... well, not really, but we can't list the effects you may see from the product; this is where you (the beta-tester) come in!

- What we can say -
USPlabs Compound 20™ is a category hybrid... Something never seen before in sports supplements, and a true innovation for our customers regardless of their goals! We need to hear the 100% honest truth; your feedback is critical to the release of this product!

"As many of you may know and some of you new to USPlabs may not be aware. We beta test every product before releasing to ensure real world product performance. We could have all the overwhelming research in the world, but if it does not perform with real world applications. The supplement is worthless from a retail perspective." - Jacob Geissler, CEO USPlabs

- Rules of the game -

Beta testing is available only to USPlabs customers.
Beta testers will be required to log results here at the Compound 20 forum at A detailed Log is the most important aspect of this project. We fully expect those that apply to follow through with a verbal agreement between company and customer. We will take you as a person of your word!
Again, Beta-Testing is open to all USPlabs customers around the world!!
We want complete honesty good or bad. If you love it, tell us! If you hate it, tell us!

- Applying is simple -
In this thread; please make one post and list the following information:

Current goals
Training Style
Nutrition/Diet Style
Will you be able to carry a training log with at least 5 posts per week: Yes or No
Are you able to start Compound 20 immediately? Yes or No
Are you on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or YouTube?
Are you on any prescription medication? Yes or No
Add USPlabs Compound 20 on Facebook:
We will be giving away FREE Compound 20, t-shirts and even a few of our forthcoming USPlabs 3-in-1 Shaker! You DO NOT want to miss out on these!
Finally – DO NOT forget to join the Inner Circle if you haven’t already! Compound 20 WILL be released to our IC prior to anyone else… – When we do an IC release, we do it BIG!!

Once more, we want to mention how humbled we are by our success! We are where we are because of our loyal customer base... We appreciate the continued support!

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Compound 20 Side Effects

Regarding side effects, here is what has been reported:

  • Dry lips
  • Oily skin
  • Acne breakout on the shoulders
  • Increased thirst

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