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USPLabs Jack3d Advanced Coming?

As we reported a couple days ago, USPLabs has ended it's fight with the FDA for having 1,3 DMAA in it's OxyElite Pro and Jack3d products. Now these products were worth fighting for, as they are some of the most popular products in the sports industry. But it's over and these two products have been discontinued.

You can still get the original Jack3d and original OxyElite Pro here.

What About Jack3d Micro?

This product was thought to be the replacement of the original Jack3d, and has been on the market for about a year now, but not many people have embraced it like they did with the original. Now since the gravy train is ending on the original, they need to come up with something much more advanced...enter Jack3d Advanced.

What is Jack3d Advanced?

Jack3d Advanced Coming Soon here

Jack3d Advanced Coming Soon here

What many are thinking is that a new Jack3d Advanced formula is coming out. Now we know nothing about this new possible product, other than the theories are swarming about it. Without something new, we think that USPLabs could slip as the manufacturer of the top pre-workout supplements on the market. As soon as we gather more information about this product we will release it...especially with a video.

By David Schroer

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