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USPLabs Jack3d Advanced Gets NEW Formula

Ultimate Pre-Workout Training Matrix!

Jack3d Advanced

The original 45 serving container of Jack3d is on the Mount Rushmore of pre-workout supplements.  The extreme energy, intense focus, and muscle-gorging strength made it a fan favorite.  Unfortunately the government banned 1,3 DMAA and USPLabs was forced to remove the product from the marketplace. 

USPLabs was forced to re-formulate Jack3d, and Jack3d Advanced was introduced shortly thereafter.  A quick look at the customers reviews on the Best Price Nutrition website show that 14 of the 16 reviews gave the product a 5 star rating!  That demonstrates just how highly-regarded that pre-workout formula is.

A NEW version of the Jack3d Advanced is being released with a few tweaks to the formula.  The new product contains a creatine blend, beta-alanine, yohimbe, and caffeine.  The formula looks similar to the orignal product, with a few tweaks.  This should be a great addition to your pre-workout supplement regimen.

Jack3d Advanced Benefits

  • Focus
  • Energy
  • Motiviation
  • Strength
  • Power
  • Endurance


We have heard that USPLabs intends to launch Jack3d Advanced with two flavors.  A blue raspberry and watermelon flavor are likely future candidates for this product.

  • Dragon Berry
  • Pineapple

Ingredient Profile

Serving Size 1 scoop
Servings Per Container 45     
Amount Per Serving
Proprietary Blend: 3680     
Creatine BioCRE Matrix (Creatine [as Monohydrate, Anhydrous, (BioCRE)]), NO (Citrulline, Pinus Pinaster (Bark) Extract), Beta Alanine (Carnosyn), Schisandra Chinensis (Fruit) Extract, Rhodiola Rosea (Root) Extract,     *     
Yohimbe (Pausinystalia Johimbe (Bark) Extract (standardized for Yohimbe HCl)     *     
Caffeine 100mg

When Will it be Available?

The Best Price Nutrition website will carry the NEW Jack3d Advanced formula as soon as its made available to us.  Check back here for updates.

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