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USPLabs Yok3d / Yoked Review Video

USPLabs Yok3d / Yoked Review Video

In depth review of the new supplement from USPLabs, Yok3d or Yoked, how ever you would like to spell it. Find out the ingredients, side effects, results, when to take it and how long to take this new preworkout supplement.

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Video Review of USPLabs Yoked / Yok3d

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Here’s a little bit about what they are saying about Yok3d:

The Little-Known "Reverse" Nitric Oxide Pathway

Up until this point, most Nitric Oxide (N.O.) products have relied on the Classic, Old-School Nitric Oxide Pathway, otherwise known as the "L-Arginine-N.O.-Synthase pathway"...

This is the pathway utilized by compounds such as L-Arginine and has proven to be a decent method to elevate N.O. and give you better gains in the gym and greater pumps...

Sure, it's nothing ground-breaking, but it's very popular with lifters the world over and has proven to be a popular pathway among users...

Nitrate-Nitrite What?

Now, on to the really exciting stuff...

What if I told you there was another N.O. pathway?

...And...What if I told you this little-referenced pathway blows away the classical N.O. pathway in its ability to enhance N.O. within the body, especially for weight training?

Would you be excited?

Of course you would...

Well, it does exist and we call this little-known pathway the "REVERSE" Nitric Oxide pathway, scientifically known as the Nitrate-Nitrite-Nitric Oxide Pathway.

If You Weight Train - The "Reverse" Nitric Oxide Pathway Is Like Striking Oil In Your Backyard While Planting A Tree...

It can generate nitric oxide via several routes that are enzymatic and non-enzymatic, making this pathway, in some respects, a more reliable and better overall way to increase N.O. (1-4).

Furthermore, this pathway becomes much more important and is favored over the classical pathway in conditions where oxygen levels are much lower and to some extent acidification occurs in a given tissue (i.e. weight training), allowing for vasodilation to occur and oxygen to be transported in these conditions.

We can utilize both pathways to obtain very high N.O. levels to achieve a level of vasodilation never experienced before.

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