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ViperX Powder - Blackstone Lab's Newest Invention

Blackstone Lab’s Newest Creation – Energy & Fat Burning Drink!

One could say that most athletes drink energy drinks to get them ready in the morning. Or even to help get over the hump in the middle of the day. Energy drinks are awesome at doing that, but they can get so expensive and have so many additives. Blackstone Lab’s latest invention has two great factors: Burn off stubborn fat AND energy to keep you focused throughout the day! Introducing Viper X Powder!


ViperX Powder

When it comes to energy, two big items come up. Coffee and energy drinks. Coffee is great to get that energy, but to get the most effect, you have to drink it black. Well that is no fun I want flavor! The second would be energy drinks. Those are great too, but sometimes they leave you crashing down way worse than how you started and can have lots of additives that aren’t needed. So why can’t you have something that does both? Something that doesn’t leave you crashing, but has amazing flavors and helps burn fat. Is that too much to ask?

Let’s go through the details. Each serving has around 225mg of caffeine, which helps with appetite and increases stamina and focus. This formula also contains Theobromine is a mild stimulant and diuretic. It helps aid weight loss by giving you energy helping you shed water weight. Along with that, Higenamine is also included in this mix. Higenamine basically causes fat to be used as energy instead of being stored. This enhances your weight loss journey and helps you lose fat. Those are just a few ways that ViperX has changed the way of taking in energy while burning fat. ViperX even enhances your mood, so you can feel better doing things like going to the gym or just as simple as having a better day. And with all their amazing flavors, there is no reason to have a bad day! Go ahead and try it before it’s all gone!

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