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Allmax Nutrition VitaStack Video Review

Allmax NutritionVitaStack is a daily, efficaciously dosed multivitamin product.  The formulators of VitaStack left no stone unturned, using bioavailable forms of vitamins, minerals, and fish oil.  A 30-day supply, of over 100 active ingredients is included in each convenient pack of vitamins!

Athletes and bodybuilders place tremendous stress on their bodies during training.  A multivitamin is often necessary to correct nutritional deficiencies, and promote healthy immune function.  This sets the stage for continued progress in the gym, or on the playing field.

Allmax Nutrition VitaStack Benefits

• Over 100 Active Ingredients

• 1 Month Supply

• Convenient

• High Absorption Rate

• 9 Vitamins/Pack

• Supports Immune Function

Allmax Nutrition VitaStack Video Review

The lead formulator at Allmax Nutrition talks about the ingredient profile with John in today's video review.

Allmax Nutrition VitaStack for only $29.99!

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