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One new product that has come out in the recent months is Dilate from ANS Performance. Now this isn't the Dilate pills that they came out with a couple years ago. Those didn't sell all that well anyway. This is a new powder formula. No more pills. Completely new formula.

I recently gave me own review on Dilate...and I actually still take this product to date. I love the pumps I get from it. Take this on arm day stacked with a stimulant pre-workout...and damn, it's going to be a skin tearing workout! Anyway, the review was just from my use of the product over a few days. In this review, Glenn is going to take look at the actual ingredients and break the entire supplement down for you.

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Hello everybody, this is Glenn with Best Price Nutrition. Today I'm gonna give you an overview of the new ANS Performance Dilate powder. You may have seen it in the past in a capsule formula but now they've discontinued that. Now they just have a powdered formula. Their formula has changed, so it gives you what this new product is.

This is their Extreme Muscle Pump Amplifier. So it's a pump product. This one is in grape. Right now, I think this is the only flavor they have. I know they are coming out with others. There's 30 scoops inside here. It says mix one scoop of Dilate with 10 to 12 ounces of cold water, 15 to 30 minutes before training. Dose may be increased up to a maximum of two scoops for maximum effect. Mix in 20 to 24 ounces of water. A lot of people ask how much water do I add to things. Really the water is just a carrier to get it into your body. More water, you're going to have less taste; less water, you're going to have less taste. So really, however much water it takes to get this down is all that's needed.

Let's go through the ingredients. This is not a proprietary blend. They tell you how much of everything is in there, which is great. First ingredient: Vitamin C, 100 mg. Potent antioxidant. That's really why they put that in there. Next ingredient: HydroMax glycerol powder, 65% 2000 mg. And again, this is per one scoop. Now, a lot of products out there are putting glycerol inside their blends. Great ingredient to increase the amount of volume in the cell, volume of fluid in the cell, so it can cause a cell to expand. Great for pumps. The good thing about the HydroMax is a higher percentage of glycerol. Whereas in the past there was glycerol and some other things inside there, this is giving you a 65% glycerol, which is great if you're looking for those pumps from there.

Next: L-Citrulline, 1500 mg. Dose is a little bit on the lower side. A lot of times you'll see 6000 mg or 6 grams But they're still giving you 1500. You use two, you're getting 3 grams, which is nice. Citrulline can increase the amount of arginine in the body. Some people say it can [inaudible 00:02:03] the pumps, but really, it's a really good endurance and muscle output, or I should say, force output ingredient. Not so much in the way of pumps, but really gonna enhance your endurance in the gym, which is nice. AgmaPure Agmatine Sulfate. They do use a lot of patented ingredients, or trademarked ingredients, which is nice. AgmaPure Agmatine Sulfate, 500 mg. This is another ingredient that'll increase nitric oxide levels in the body, while also reducing arginase, which is an enzyme that breaks down arginine in the body, or nitric oxide production. But also, too, there's some cool research that show it can enhance your pain threshold. Not like you can stab yourself and not feel it, but you may allow your body to push yourself more in the gym, which is great. And 500 mg is a good dose of that, too.

AmentoPump is another ingredient, 50 mg. This is a newer ingredient on the market, or newer in that it's being promoted a lot. Another name for it is AmentoFlavone. It's a great ingredient. It actually has been shown to increase calcium release into the cell. There's an organelle in the cell called the sarcoplasm reticulum. I think I said that right. And it actually will hold onto the calcium. This ingredient causes it to release calcium into the cell, thus enhancing your power or force output. And that's what's nice about this ingredient. It actually has acute effects, meaning that you can take it before your workout, notice it within the first dose, which is great. Not a lot of ingredients can you get that from.

Next ingredient: Citrus sinensis, supplying bioflavonoids. Bioflavonoids are said to enhance absorption of things, like a lot of times you'll see...they'll take, I think it's grapefruit juice with medicines because it may increase the absorption and that's not what you want. Inside of a product like this, anything you can use to increase the absorption is great. Last ingredient: pomegranate extract, standardized for 40% ellagic acid, 50 mg. It has a high polyphenol concentration which is said to enhance nitric oxide. How much of an effect on nitric oxide level it's gonna have, I'm not sure.

Overall, this product, you should notice a pump from it. You should get enhancement pumps, definitely because of the glycerol or the HydroMax powder and the Agmatine. And then, should get enhancement endurance and overall muscle power. So that's nice. Got some great ingredients inside of it. It's a well thought-out formula. Can be taken by a man or a woman. That doesn't matter. It's strictly a pre-workout formula. It's not something you're gonna sit around and sip on, unless you just wanna feel more vascular I guess. Our camera guy loved it. He's always flexing his biceps. I think that just about covers it. If you have any questions, you go ahead and post it in the comments section. If you liked, give me a thumbs up. You can also find us on facebook at Thank you.

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