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C4 on the Go Review


Today I had the privilege of trying out Cellucor's C4 on the Go and I was really excited to see what this was all about.  I've been a fan of C4 for a while now and when I saw this portable version, I thought it was a cool idea. 

I tried the fruit punch version and even though I am not a fruit punch fan, I have to say that this was pretty good.  It had that fruit punch smell and the taste was a fruit punch flavor.  There are times where drinks do not match up with the flavor or smell, but this one totally does.  This version is very smooth, no shaking of the bottle is necessary. 

The bottle is small, only 10 fl. oz., but it sure does pack a punch.  I drank this for an afternoon pick me up and it offered more energy than I expected.  I honestly felt wide awake and full of energy.  I would definitely recommend this for anyone right before they workout. 

This bottle is very convenient and perfect for those who are in a hurry or just don't want to deal with the hassle of shaker bottles.  Sometimes when you mix powder you constantly have to shake the cup to stir everything up.  No need for any of that with this version. 

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