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ETB Whey Pure Isolate Review

Eat the BearI was given the chance to review some products from Eat The Bear last week and took full advantage of it. They sent me a great box with a load of samples withiin it. I decided to write a review of a couple of the products and my associate will also be writing a couple reviews of the products he tried.

Pure Whey Protein Isolate

The first review I will be doing is on the pure whey protein Isolate. I was sent Cinnamon Bun and Ice Cream Sandwich. I was actually really excited to see these flavors. I really knew nothing about this company, but these flavors looked delicious!

Being an isolate, I knew it would be tough to get a lot of flavor out of it. I mean, when you think of delicious proteins you think of companies like Trutein. But with Trutein, it's a blend, which means more fat, which means more taste. It's tough to do with an isolate. I was ready to try both though. So I went to go workout and after I was finished I started with the first flavor.

Cinnamon Bun Eat the Bear Protein

So it mixed up easily in my blender bottle. Being an isolate, they usually do. I added about 8oz of cold water to the one serving of ETB's protein. The taste was very crisp and clean. Not too overwelming, but it was spot on. Tasted exactly like a cinnamon bun. If you have a sweet tooth, this is really going to hit the spot for you. All this taste in only 100 you get 25 grams of protein. I could drink this all day long. If I was going to purchase this product, this just might be the flavor for me.

Ice Cream Sandwich Eat the Bear Protein

The next day I headed back to the gym, did my regular thing, cleaned up and was ready to try the next flavor of this protein. I love ice cream sandwiches, though my diet doesn't allow me to eat them that much. Again, I filled my blender bottle with about 8oz of cold water. Looking the mix, almost looked like their were bits of ice cream sandwich in the actual protein. Now the taste of this stuff was spot on as well. It was actually like drinking an ice cream sandwish, but no fat, only 110 calories and 25 grams of protein! The flavor did taste like a few Cookies N Cream proteins I have had in the past, but now I am thinking, maybe those proteins were Ice Cream Sandwich flavors actually!

Final Thoughts

I used to have to get these flavors from blended proteins...seemed like the only way to have them taste good. Now I see there is an alternative. If you want a lighter protein shake, with less calories and are counting your macros, you really should give Eat the Bear a try. Their protein shake flavoring is spot on. Now I didn't get to try Chocolate, Vanilla or Chocolate Peanut Butter...and I am not sure I need to...if I decided to pick up a bottle of this, I would probably do one of these two flavors, they are just that good.

Here at Best Price Nutrition we are looking to carry this brand in the future. Right now you can purchase it online at

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