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Genomyx Protocol Review Video

John and Glenn from discuss and review the Genomyx amino acid and recovery supplement, Protocol.

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What is Genomyx Protocol?

Research and empirical evidence have shown time and time again that immediately after weight training, taking advantage of specific physiological changes can exponentially accelerate changes in body composition and performance. With Protocol, not only will you allow your body to maximize the endogenous changes already caused by training, but you can actually support a perfect anabolic environment by driving your body’s nutrient storage and muscle protein synthesis capabilities to a new level.

Genomyx Protocol was designed to be taken immediately after weight training to support protein synthesis and promote harmonization of your body’s hormonal cascade priming it for a post workout meal or shake. Take a serving of Protocol right after training, wait 15 minutes and have a high carbohydrate, high protein shake or meal. For fat loss programs, take a serving of Protocol, wait 15 minutes and have an isocaloric (equal parts carb, protein and fat) mixed meal. The end result will be added support for muscle gain and recovery, fully preparing your body for the next training session. On non-training days, take a serving 15 minutes before your first meal…Learn More

Buy Genomyx Protocol for $27.95

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