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Infinite Labs Juggernaut Review

Buy Infinite Labs Juggernaut from Best Price Nutrition for $34.99

Not just another pre-workout (and if we’re being honest, there are hundredsof pre-workout products), Infinite Labs Juggernaut offers what I believe to be the best value on the market. At $29.99 for 40 scoops, and most users needing only 1-1.5 scoops (as there is 200mg caffeine per scoop), Juggernaut is good for anywhere between 40 and 26 workouts. That's clocking in at less than $1 per workout. Even the naysayers who stick to coffee as their pre-workout drink of choice probably spend more, depending on where they get their coffee.

The Juggernaut -- Its better than coffee

The Juggernaut — It's better than coffee

This is where the discerning customer asks: "yeah, but does it work?"

And subsequently, the discerning Best Price Nutrition blog writer answers: "let's take a look." You guys know I won't make blatantly unsubstantiated claims, e.g., "yeah, it works... totally. Because, you know, it does. So buy it." Only all the otherwebsites do that.

Any good businessman knows that in order to find a niche for your product, you have to be the best in a single category, e.g., best-tasting, most caffeine, least expensive, etc. This is usually referred to as differentiation. Juggernaut has, ahem, "the highest glycerol load on the market" (hey, that's their ad copy, not mine). They've differentiated themselves that way. What is glycerol, you ask?

Without getting into too much biochemical detail, suffice it to say glycerol aids in hyperhydration when dosed appropriately and the person ingesting it is already adequately hydrated. Glycerol, the form in Juggernaut, is superior to glycerol monostearate, another common form. There is some anecdotal evidence that the hyperhydration glycerol induces pulls other nutrients along with it into the muscle, thus having an osmotic effect (this is theoretically very good, but the research isn’t cut and dry). Glycerol’s hyperhydration effect is very conducive to “pumps” in the working muscle as increased muscle cell volume increases intramuscular tension, AKA “pump.” So this is a good thing, and I’d much rather have the “highest glycerol load on the market” than the highest arginine load on the market. More on that later.

Other than that, this is a bit of a “kitchen sink” product (as in, “everything but the kitchen sink” is included), but in a good way. There’s arginine, citrulline, norvaline, b-vitamins, whey hydrolysates, creatine, taurine, acetyl-l-carnitine, beta-alanine, caffeine, alpha-GPC (don’t know this one? Read about it here), electrolytes, minerals, waxy maize, blood sugar/insulin support, antioxidants, and even more I’m not going to list.

I kind of view this as the ultimate “I’m on a budget” pre-workout product. For thirty dollars you are simply not going to get a more comprehensive product than this. On top of that, it tastes good (I’ve had crimson punch and raspberry lemonade so if anyone’s had orange, chime in) and the energy is right up there with a Jack3d, SuperPump250, or NO-Xplode as these are consistently lauded as the best pre-workouts from purely a stimulant perspective.

If I had to find a negative in this product, it would have to be the inclusion of arginine (arginine does what you think it’s going to do when administered via IV but not orally, more info here and here) and the use of hydrolyzed whey instead of hydrolyzed casein.

Arginine is going to have its meteoric fall just as it had its meteoric rise very soon, mark my words. In addition the fact that orally administered arginine does NOTHING for pumps, there is new research coming out showing that arginine creates a gradient effect outside of the cell pulling valuable water and amino acid from inside muscle cells (good: that’s where we want it) to the extra cellular fluid (bad: now it needs to be transported back in). I’m going to do a blog post about this soon, but for now suffice it to say you can hedge your bets against this effect by consuming an amino acid supplement pre- and post-workout. Juggernaut doesn’t contain very much arginine compared to other products, so don’t interpret this as a reason to avoid it altogether.

Pretty sweet labeling, too

Pretty sweet labeling, too

As far as the hydrolyzed whey versus hydrolyzed casein goes, I’ve written about it before: PeptoPro, a patented form of hydrolyzed casein, is the one with all the research in its corner when it comes to speed of absorption from the splanchnic bed — basically, the intestinal lining. When it comes to maximizing anabolism in and around the workout window, rapid influxes and spikes in plasma amino acid concentrations is what we are looking for. PeptoPro confers this advantage to the highest degree.

I think Juggernaut is a great pre-workout supplement for those looking for a change of pace from their current pre-workout of choice, or those that currently take several of the things found within it individually. It is also very affordable. Finally, Lee Priest loves it and the man’s arms are like legs of lesser mortals. So you’ve got that going for you. Give it a try and let us know what you think! You can always call us at 800-499-4810 if this article requires further explanation.

Buy Infinite Labs Juggernaut from Best Price Nutrition for $34.99

Until next time,

Tim and the Best Price Nutrition Team


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